Your Cure for Putting Lipercy

Your Cure for Putting Lipercy

How many times have you started a golf season to find your putting stroke has contracted “Lipercy,” the disease of stroking great putts and not having any fall in?  Experiencing the actual pain of Lipercy and its energy sucking trama to your game can become devastating within any given round, and can grow as time goes on if not treated.  Watching putt after putt rim around the hole, or roll just over the edge of the golf hole and barely run by can be irritating to deal with.  However, the absolute worst symptom of Lipercy is making the best putting stroke of the day, watching the golf ball track dead for the middle of the cup, and the golf ball hangs over the edge of the cup.

Lipercy is a short term curable golf disease.  Through scientific research a permanent cure has not been found.  Putting Lipercy can come back like a rash if not kept in check with proper medication and physical therapy.  It is an ailment that requires lifelong self-checks and continuous monitoring to insure the ravage symptoms of Putting Lipercy, but takes dedication and commitment to take all the medicine, even if you are feeling better.

Although there is not an official word in the English Dictionary, “Lipercy” (I’ll take this opportunity to unofficially claim that coined the term), there is a Hindu translation of Lipercy that I think is interesting as well as applicable to putting; “taking liberty with…”  Interesting that most people who contract Putting Lipercy tend to take some liberties with their putting set-up and putting strokes.

Putting Lipercy is nothing more than you going through a dry spell of not sinking putts that you normally make, or if you are not as skilled, going through a period of development with your golf game that has you experience moments that are positively exciting yet heartbreaking at the same time.  For the unskilled, continued putting practice working on your aim and distance control are crucial to overcoming Putting Lipercy.  The more time spent on those two items alone, in a general sense, the more likely you can overcome the symptoms of Putting Lipercy.  Items you should consider as you go about practicing your putting are setting up so your shoulders are parallel to your intended target line, being sure you are making straight putts to a specific target, as well as understanding your stroke and its length in relation to specific distances of putts.  And most important, try to overcome the anxiety of wanting to see the putt go in before you ever strike it.  Peaking too early can cause malfunction in your putting stroke and in turn amplify the possibilities of you experiencing Putting Lipercy.

For the highly skilled player, double checking set-up positioning as well as aim are important.  But most importantly you experiencing Putting Lipercy has a lot to do with distance control.  Think about Putting Lipercy for a moment in relation to where the ball ultimately ends up; it is either inches short, or inches too long.  We’re splitting hairs with this but distance control and your ability to create better touch for distance will greatly enhance your chances of curing Putting Lipercy.  You should attempt to understand that this is a temporary set-back for you and you are literally inches from curing the disease.


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