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Virtual Golf Lessons

Thanks for your interest in becoming part of my interactive golf instruction family!  John Hughes Golf offers several ways to receive Virtual Golf Lessons as well as online golf instruction content.

Instat Golf Improvement

Virtual Golf Lessons Through Instant Golf Improvement

The creation of Instant Golf Improvement is intended to meet the high demand for virtual golf instruction during the pandemic of 2020-21.  That demand continues as video conferencing and virtual meetings become part of the culture of our game. Instant Golf Improvement is a subscription service featuring a vault of private video golf instruction.  The video vault addresses every aspect of the game.  In addition, you can receive customized video golf lessons.  You send golf swing videos and receive a customized video golf lesson.  On top of that, private live stream events are for subscribers only.


Virtual Golf Lessons through V1Golf Video Analysis

If you’re a client of John Hughes Golf and you need to login to your V1 Golf Account, please click here.

John Hughes Golf YouTube Channel

John Hughes Golf YouTube Channel

Each week, John loads a new golf video tip into his YouTube Channel.  You’ll find quick and easy golf swing tips about how to make better driver swings, how to hit a fairway wood, and how to hit a golf ball straight.  You’ll learn simple drills to help you practice better.  As well as golf video tips about the mechanics of the golf swing.  Very simple and entertaining online golf instruction. Please subscribe and “ring the bell” when you visit so you receive notifications each time John loads another video.

The John Hughes Golf Instruction Archives

A page full of the articles and one-of-a-kind video instruction John created for various publications throughout his career. Whether you’re a fan of Golf Illustrated or a current subscriber to Golf Tips Magazine, you’ll find a lot of great information contained within this page.

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