I’m Excited to Announce the Formal Launch of the John Hughes Golf Video Golf Lesson Subscription Program!

Out of necessity comes the mother of invention, the John Hughes Golf Video Golf Lesson Subscription Program.

The Back Story

We’re all attempting to create some sense of normality within our everyday lives. The global circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard last month.

For me, that process began with watching the pre-booked Golf Schools and Coaching Sessions scheduled for April and May completely evaporate between March 25-27.  Looking at the opportunity created by an empty calendar I needed to discover my own “Plan B.”  I organized my resources.  And I decided to pick up where I left off in January.  I began to continue the creation of a realistic way for my past, current, and future clients to continue their golf skill improvement.

I originally intended to launch the John Hughes Golf Video Golf Lesson Subscription Program sometime during the Fall of 2020,  But what better time than now? A genuine, convenient, and budget-minded alternative for golfers globally to continue their golf skill improvement is now available.

A Viable and Sustainable Alternative to the Traditional Coaching Environment

The John Hughes Golf Video Golf Lesson Subscription Program provides

  • 3 options to sustain your golf skill improvement. Each option includes benefits that can fit any golfer’s commitment level.
  • The Video Golf Tip Vault is a premium and private page.  It contains short and long-form instructional content that only Subscribers can access.
  • In addition, Subscribers possess the ability to send me videos of your game for analysis. Within 48-hours of me receiving Subscribers’ videos, they’ll receive monthly video lessons.  Each video lesson will identify the aspects of their golf game they can improve immediately to lower scores now.

The platform is in no way complete.  Envisioning the concept a few years ago, it was always my intention for the platform to evolve and grow.  Updates of content, product offerings, and opportunities will occur regularly for the benefit of all golfers, of all skill levels.

Be sure to check out the platform by CLICKING HERE.

A Labor of Passion and Commitment to All Golfers Everywhere

Since late March, I’ve worked tirelessly to craft a globally useful platform.  I’m very proud I built the platform from scratch.  I did have some assistance and that I recognize the assistance later in the post.

The Video Golf Lesson Vault and all its contents are all original creations, from concept to finished piece. I’m not a professional webmaster or designer, writer, or videographer.  Please forgive me when you stumble across the obvious lack of expertise with those tasks.  What you’ll experience is a product of my passion and commitment to you.  And I’m truly enjoying putting it together for you.  I’m doing the best I can with the resources currently at my disposal.  As the platform grows, plans are in place to secure the assistance needed to grow the platform to its potential.  That will allow me to focus on what I do best, coaching you to be the best golfer you can be.

Currently, there are 50+ videos “shot and in the can” awaiting post-production.  Those videos along with written content, including exerts from manuscripts of books in the making, I’ll add to the vault daily for the next several weeks, if not months.  In addition, videos with guest instructors, industry experts, as well as “private” video content will comprise a “VIP Video Library.”

Please be patient with me as we all work through the future issues we’re bound to experience together using the platform.  I’m looking forward to following the lead of other titans of global business success who launched their vision and passion well before its intended time.  Sometimes you must go forward, even when you’re not ready.

Thank You’s!

As with any great endeavor, you can’t accomplish it alone.

Thank you to the individuals assisting me so far.  You know who you are:

  • The Beta Testers of the page/product/service – Thanks for your insight and brutal honesty!
  • Personal friends and family assisting with onsite video production – Thanks for enduring environmental challenges and overcoming your lack of video experience. Everything worked out for the best. I hope you’re ready for more sooner than later!
  • The tech savvy individuals assisting me from behind the scenes – Thanks for efforts ensuring everything runs smoothly and seamlessly for golfers everywhere. You only know, what you know.
  • Thanks to my current partners for their support and patience throughout the process!  I invite and look forward to their future involvement.

Please, Please, Please! 

  1. Share this blog post and all the social media posts you see about the John Hughes Golf Video Golf Lesson Subscription Program.  Word of mouth marketing is the time proven best way to launch and grow a new service or product.
  2. Let me know if you’d like to see a specific topic covered within a video tip or long-form video instruction piece.  Because the production crew and talent consist of me, myself, and I, altering the shoot schedule to accommodate your requests is easy.

Be sure to check out the platform by CLICKING HERE.


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Going Forward, as We All Should

If you’re a subscriber of my eNewsletter as of April 17, 2020, please check your inbox over the next several days for an exclusive offer.

I hope you take advantage of this unique time in our lives and the opportunities presented to you.  Daily, we’re all learning to deal with circumstances, some within and some outside our control.  Golf provides the same opportunities.  I also hope golf continues to occupy a regular part of what will ultimately become our new routines.

Thank you for your continued support!  And I look forward to the opportunity of assisting you with your golf skill improvement during this difficult time for us all.

Be sure to check out the platform by CLICKING HERE.

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