An Update about John Hughes

Want an update about John Hughes Golf?  All we have to say is thanks!  Thanks to those of you who are following and sending your feedback. With the amount of articles and tips I have written throughout the years, there will soon be a separate “Golf Tips” page within John Hughes Golf in the coming weeks.  I’ll add an article, tip, or video for you to view that will hopefully help you improve your golf game.

Mistake Free Golf

I have been fortunate to receive and read an advanced copy of Dr. Bob Winters new book, Mistake Free Golf. This is a must read for any golfer. An easy read, it provides the most practical advice I have ever read concerning the mental pitfalls everyone experiences on the course. Be looking for this on bookshelves and through your e-reader service in early April.

2014 PGA Merchandise Show

This week is the Annual PGA Merchandise Show, a gathering of the Golf Industry in Orlando that typically provides an insight into the state of the game as well as what is new in the game. This week starts with a new event at the Merchandise Show, The PGA Youth and Family Summit, highlighting the importance of growing the game through family activities that capture the imagination of our youth while at the same time keeping time and other distractions in mind as we create programs that fit into today’s active family schedules. A ground breaking event, this Summit will surely cover emerging areas of the game that will benefit all golfers.

Demo Day is Tuesday at Orange County National Golf Club, an opportunity to try the latest and greatest equipment in real conditions.

Wednesday through Friday at the Orange County Convention Center is the Merchandise Show. The entire West Building (1.1M square feet of floor space) is occupied by anything and everything golf, and somethings that you may not think are related to golf.

The highlight of the week for me will be having my family and friends in town Wednesday night for the PGA Awards Night, where I will be presented with this year’s PGA National Horton Smith Award. Hosted by NBC Sports and The Golf Channel’s Jimmy Roberts, this is the PGA’s “Oscars,” recognizing the outstanding contributions and efforts of the Association’s best Professionals. I am honored and humbled to share the stage with the other award winners, and am looking forward to all the events surrounding the Show and Awards Night. For those of you who can not be there Wednesday evening, Click Here to watch via live video stream, or through the PGA Archives after Wednesday night.

I plan to post something from my experiences at Demo Day and the Show each day, beginning Tuesday. I do hope you will keep up with the posts and find something of interest for your golf game. And occassionally find an update about John Hughes Golf

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