The Best Golf Equipment for Your Skill Level: A Guide from Our Orlando Golf School

Check out the best Orlando golf experience at John Hughes Golf! Our community caters to golfers of all levels, so you can enjoy the game regardless of your skills.

To help you take your game to the next level, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to assist you in selecting the ideal golf equipment that matches your skill level.

This guide covers a wide range of topics, including clubs, balls, gadgets, and more. With these tools, you can confidently hit the links and train at our top-notch Orlando golf school.

Choosing the Right Clubs for Your Skill Level

Beginner Golfers

For those just starting to learn the game of golf, it’s important to have clubs that are easy to use and forgiving. We recommend starting with a basic set, which includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons (5-9), pitching wedge, and putter.

In these clubs, look for designs with a large sweet spot and a cavity-back design, which will assist you in getting the ball airborne more quickly. This feature will make it easier for beginners to hit the ball correctly, making the learning process more enjoyable.

Intermediate Golfers

As you become more experienced in the game, it’s essential to upgrade to clubs that allow for better control and precision. We suggest considering the addition of a 3-wood and a sand wedge to your golf bag.

For irons, search for clubs that have a more modest cavity-back design, providing you with better feedback on your shots. This element will enable you to improve your ball striking and targeting accuracy gradually.

Advanced Golfers

For the advanced golfers, it’s crucial to find clubs that play to their strengths and adapt to their weaknesses. This could consist of replacing your hybrid for a long iron or adding a lob wedge.

In selecting clubs, search for a compact head with a forged design, which provides greater control and feel. 

These features provide advanced players with an increased level of maneuverability and precision, which can give them the ability to fine-tune their shots and gain confidence on the course.

Selecting the Right Golf Ball

Beginners and High Handicappers

For beginner or high handicapper golfers, consider using golf balls with a soft feel and low compression. These types of balls can help you achieve greater distance with more control on the greens.

The softer feel allows for better ball contact and the lower compression helps deliver a more forgiving shot. As you improve, you can explore options with different compression and cover designs that better match your swing speed and preferred playing style.

Intermediate and Low Handicappers

Immediate and low handicappers seeking to improve their distance and control off the tee should consider golf balls with a medium to high compression. For more advanced players, these balls can deliver longer distances and greater accuracy off the tee.

Golf balls with a urethane cover can provide improved spin and control around the greens, allowing players to make precise shots with greater finesse. However, it’s important to choose a ball that caters to your skill level and preferred playing style.

Essential Golf Gadgets and Accessories

Golf GPS or Rangefinder

To select the right club more accurately and with greater precision, the use of a GPS or rangefinder can be incredibly beneficial. They provide an accurate assessment of the distance towards the target, helping golfers make better club selections.

For beginners, a simple GPS watch may be preferred, delivering basic distance data on the course. For advanced players, a laser rangefinder may be a better option, providing precise and detailed data on distance, slopes, and more. Consider selecting the device that best suits your skill level and budget.

Golf Swing Analyzer

For golfers looking to improve at any skill level, a swing analyzer can be a powerful tool to have. These devices come in different forms and can be attached to either the club or glove.

As you swing, they provide instant feedback on various aspects of the swing, such as clubhead speed, swing path, and angle of attack, among others. Through this feedback, you can identify areas that require attention and adjust your technique accordingly, helping improve your game in the long term.

Golf Training Aids

Supplementing your golf training with the right tools can lead to more productive practice sessions and quicker results. A range of training aids is available, including alignment sticks, putting mats, and swing trainers, among many others.

Alignment sticks can help players establish and maintain correct alignment during the swing. Putting mats can simulate the feeling of putting on an actual green, and swing trainers can improve your swing mechanics, such as helping you maintain the correct swing plane.

The Importance of Custom Fitting

Why Custom Fitting Matters

Custom fitting is a process that can significantly enhance your golf performance by tailoring your golf clubs to your unique swing and body type.

The process involves taking precise measurements of a player’s height, arm length, and swing path, among other factors. A professional fitter will also assess other features such as ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates to create a complete profile of a player’s swing.

This detailed analysis allows for the selection of the most suitable make and model of clubs that can enhance a player’s swing techniques and maximize their performance on the course. 

When to Get Fitted

Getting fit for golf clubs is a critical process that can help golfers improve their game, and they should consider being fitted if they have not already done so, if their game has changed significantly, or if they’re upgrading their clubs.

Additionally, golfers should periodically consider being fitted again to account for any changes in their swing or body. A club fitting can highlight any areas you need to work on while revealing how to maximize your swing with the appropriate equipment.

Ultimately, the use of fitted clubs can help golfers become more consistent and confident on the course, ultimately resulting in a more enjoyable experience.

Golf Apparel and Shoes

Golf Apparel

Correct apparel selection can make a significant difference in your golfing experience. Look for golf clothes that use moisture-wicking fabrics to help keep you dry and comfortable throughout your game. Moisture-wicking technology can absorb the moisture and sweat from your body and evaporate it, helping you stay cool and comfortable.

Ensure to choose comfortable golf shirts, shorts, and pants to promote ample movement range while playing. In addition, clothing that provides UV protection from the sun is critical for protecting your skin from burning on sunny days. 

By researching and selecting appropriate golfing attire, you can promote maximum comfort and focus on your swing, ultimately improving your performance on the course.

Golf Shoes

Optimum golf shoes can offer golfers better stability, traction, and comfort on the course. Focus on finding golf shoes with anti-slip properties, waterproofing, breathability, and spike configuration.

New golfers should consider shoes with soft spikes, offering increased comfort and flexibility. Advanced golfers may prefer a more stable and firm-spiked shoe with better grip, providing the necessary support for more advanced swings.

Select a comfortable, lightweight fit and choose a style that matches your playing style and level.

Golf Bags and Carts

Golf Bags

A functional and durable golf bag is essential to protect and organize your clubs on the course. When choosing a golf bag, opt for a model with ample storage, multiple compartments, and easy access to your clubs.

If you prefer walking throughout the course, stand bags are great as they come with stands to ensure you have easy access to clubs. Those who use a golf cart can go for a cart bag to ensure clubs are carefully organized at all times on the course.

Furthermore, choose bags made with durable materials and look for a style and color that matches your unique preferences.

Golf Carts

Golfers who don’t prefer carrying their clubs should consider investing in push or electric golf carts to make their game more enjoyable. When selecting a golf cart, prioritize factors such as weight, ease of folding, and additional storage.

A lightweight folding cart can be easily transported and stored in the car trunk, and managing one with ease will reduce complexities during your round. Those battery-powered electric carts can assist in reducing fatigue and improve your overall golfing experience by efficiently moving through the course.

As electric carts are more advanced than their push counterparts, consult a professional before making a final decision on which option is best for you.

The Best Orlando Golf School Experience

John Hughes Golf School Programs

John Hughes Golf offers a range of golf programs that can cater to players of all skill levels. Our tailored golf programs include private lessons, group coaching sessions, and clinics, with each designed to improve your golfing experience.

Our experienced instructors work with you step-by-step regardless of whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced player. Our professionals have a patient and friendly approach, making sure you have an enjoyable and fun way of improving your game.

We aim to bring about noticeable progress in your golf techniques and work hard to provide the highest standard in golf training.

Practice Facilities

At John Hughes Golf, we provide state-of-the-art practice facilities for golfers of all levels to perfect their skills. Our driving range and chipping and pitching areas allow golfers to work on their swing, while the putting green helps polish their short game.

We use high-quality equipment and the latest technology to ensure an enjoyable learning experience. Utilize our practice facilities and maximize the return on investment with improved accuracy, distance control and a greater understanding of your game.

With experienced instructors, top-notch facilities, and well-kept grounds, John Hughes Golf is the perfect place to take your golfing journey up a notch.


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With the right gear, you’ll be better able to enjoy golfing with improved accuracy and distance control.

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