Thank You for a Fantastic 2016!

I can’t use those words enough!

John Hughes Golf, Thank you for a fantastic 2016, Orlando Golf Schools, Orlando Golf Lessons, Kissimmee Golf Lessons

2016 brought new exposure and equipment to John Hughes Golf. During Falcon’s Fire Golf Club’s Demo Day, John Hughes Golf unveiled its new Instruction Tent and promotional signage.

Thank you for a fantastic 2016!

To each and every person reading this post, for the opportunity you provided me in 2016 to assist you, or be part of your life in some small way. Reaching your goals and potential is my ultimate objective.  The opportunity you provided me through your participation in an Golf Lesson, an Orlando Golf School, a Team Building Event, a Corporate Clinic, or other function, speaks volumes about your faith in me, and your commitment to your golf game.

2016 is a year we will remember as a year we witnessed never seen before historical events around the globe. Some of the momentous moments and historic events I witnessed this year came from you, my clients.  And for the most part, these events came and went without much fanfare. I feel certain that everyone had at least one moment or event this year they feel is worthy of being noticed.  For me to list all those events here would create a very long webpage you will never finish reading. But in no particular order, here are some of the highlights I experienced during 2016 while assisting you:

  • Randy – Lead his team at a PGA Tour Pro-Am event to a 3rd place finish, carrying his team the last 3-holes with consecutive birdies.  Improving on his performance from the year before was all Randy had set out to do, and through his hard work and dedication, he realized his potential;
  • Grant – After playing golf for only 3-months, Grant set out to make his high school varsity golf team. An athlete through and through, Grant’s commitment, and the commitment of his parents, provided him the momentum he needed to not only make his team, but contribute throughout the season too;
John Hughes Golf, Thank you for a fantastic 2016!, Orlando Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf Schools, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Orlando, Beginner Golf Lessons, Women's Golf Lessons, Golf Lessons in Kissimmee, Junior Golf Lessons

Group activities and programs such as this Team Building Event for a local law firm is one of the many highlights of John Hughes Golf in 2016.

  • Kim – Learning to hit the ball just that much farther than before, allowing her to move to a different tee box and be more competitive.  Playing in a league, Kim realized that in order for her to enjoy the game more, she had to invest some time both on and off the course so she could realize her potential.
  • Steve – Taking up the game late in life and committing to making golf FUN, first and foremost.  His ability to take his competitive edge from his business off the course and transcend it his practice and play at the course was nothing short of amazing, and will serve him well as he continues to play;
  • Tim and Shawn – Tim living through a degenerative disease and Shawn, his son, at the start of his career, sharing time together doing something they both love.  The genuine joy they each bring to the game was inspiring to watch.  And their sincere interest in seeing the other doing their best is an example we should all follow.  They have both contacted me throughout the year sharing their stories of reaching multiple milestones. But more importantly, their stories of spending time together doing something they both enjoy says it all to me;
  • Tyler – In 16 short months, Tyler has gone from a decent athlete and golfer, to a golfer who now holds a lot of potential, as well as being in the best shape of his life.  His off-course fitness regiment has paid huge dividends on the course, making him ready to take the next step into competitive amateur golf;
  • Amir – One of the busiest people I know, Amir never had a golf club in his hands until April of this year.  He decided to dedicated just a little time to golf this year, taking lessons throughout the summer. In October, he insisted that I take him to the golf course. By his 3rd hole, he made a birdie, something very few first timers do. Since catching the “Birdie Fever,” he has increased the time he practices and every other week he accomplishes something new with me on the golf course.  I hope the fever he caught is highly contagious to us all;

    John Hughes Golf, Thank you for a fantastic 2016, Orlando PD Golf Day, Orlando Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf Schools

    Orlando PD Golf Day has become a significant community event in 2016. Serving over 6000 individuals who live with Parkinson’s Disease in the Greater Orlando area, the Parkinson’s Association of Central Florida has provided the support needed to get this important program off the ground in 2016.

  • PD Golfers – 2016 saw the creation of Orlando PD Golf Day.  Because my Father has Parkinson’s and is 600+ miles away, I felt the need to give back in my local community as a way of staying close to Dad and the daily items he now faces.  As much as it is fun to watch a talented young man or women become a competitive golfer, or a weekend golfer reach a milestone, it is even more inspiring to watch those who participate in Orlando PD Golf Day.  Their daily navigation and completion of every day tasks we take for granted is humbling to witness. Parkinson’s Disease, and other neuromuscular diseases for which there is no cure, is the worst thing you can wish on your worst enemy. Witnessing what these golfers do, on and off the golf course, through their shear determination will forever be etched in my brain as a reminder of how lucky we all are.

These are just a few of the many highlights from my year, sharing the fun and self challenge golf provides us all.  Thank you for a fantastic 2016!  I’m looking forward to 2017 providing more of the same and all of you being a part of the year ahead.

I also want to thank those individuals and companies who provide their support to me and my clients. Without these talented and resourceful partners, our ability to share time with each other could not exist. In particular, Ryan Hosford and the Staff of Falcon’s Fire Golf Club, who welcome me everyday with open arms and continued excitement of what the future holds in store. I am excited about what 2017 can bring us all.

I already have some items in place for the new year I will be announcing  shortly, and am working on other items that you can take advantage of throughout the year.  Thank you for a fantastic 2016!

As your coach, I hope I ask just the right amount out of you so you can realize your potential on and off the course.  But as a person, I have never asked anything of you. I now ask that you assist me in 2017 to grow my business and reach more people.  This is easy to accomplish.  If you follow me on social media, don’t just “like” what you see; share it!

John Hughes Golf, Thank you for a fantastic 2016!, Orlando Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf Schools, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Orlando, Beginner Golf Lessons, Women's Golf Lessons, Golf Lessons in Kissimmee, Junior Golf Lessons

Please share how John Hughes Golf has positively influenced your golf game with others!

Spend 5-minutes writing an online review of my services.  The next time you see someone who needs assistance, let them know with whom and how you improved. And when someone compliments you for your next milestone reached, or your next highlight real shot executed, be proud to let people know who assist you to do so. If everyone did this once throughout 2017, if not twice, then 2017 will again be a fantastic year for me.

I wish you, your family, and those you hold dear to you, a safe and joyous holiday season, and a successful and positive New Year!  And thank you for a fantastic 2016!

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