Technological Advances in Golf: Innovations at McLemore

McLemore Golf Course: Where Tech Meets the Tee Box

Nestled in the beautiful Georgia landscape, McLemore Golf Course isn’t just about stunning scenery and challenging holes. Beyond its natural beauty is a golf geek’s tech dreams!  Technological innovations grace the entire property. But most importantly the golf course and practice facilities.  Where technology can elevate your golfing experience regardless of your skill level.

Practice With Technology

McLemore Golf Club’s Practice Facility features state of the art TopTracer range technology.  Considered the #1 range technology in the world. TopTracer is available as a mobile device download. And in a short TopTracer, McLemore Resort, TopTracer Range Technologyfew minutes of registering your profile, you’ll have the ability track every ball you hit at the practice facility.

Capturing practice facility shots can be very useful to any golfer visiting McLemore Resort. Within the practice module of the app, you can capture all your practice shots to all targets.  From the shots captured, you or your coach can distinguish the good from the not so good. And be able to get assigned drills and exercises you can use the next time you’re practicing.

The T30 and T12 Skills Challenges offer a complete and thorough analysis of anyone’s skills.  And provides you a way of measuring if your practice sessions are paying off. And your warm-up data, collected over multiple rounds, can help determine the best routine you have to prepare for your next round.

TopTracer technology is used within every instructional program offered by McLemore Golf School. Doing so allows you and your coach a way to create a smarter, not harder, method and plan to your long-lasting improvement.

Playing in Comfortable Safety and With Great Information

If you’ve ever experienced playing golf with a caddie, you know how wonderful an experience that is. Particularly when it comes to the depth of knowledge and facts a caddie has to offer.  Allowing you to navigate the course like a touring professional.

The Highlands Course at McLemore does not lend itself well to walking with a caddie. Which is why they chose the EZ-GO Freedom RXV Golf Cart with its Elite Lithium Ion Battery Power Train. Its IntelliBrake System provides ultimate comfort when making your way up and down the 5 switch back cart paths on the course. Decked out in all the need accoutrements, your golf cart is ready for you when you arrive.

Also on the cart is the Pace Performance GPS System.  It not only features McLemore’s own Charlie Rymer as you descend to the 1st tee.  It is your golf course fact companion throughout your round.  Offering super accurate distances to all pin placements.  As well as reminders of where you go next.

Swing Like a Pro: The Power of Coaching Tech

Along with TopTracer, McLemore Golf School employs its fair share of technology.

John Hughes Golf, FlightScope X3 Fusion Tracking, Golf Lesson in Orlando, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Technology, Ball Flight Radar, Golf Lessons in Kissimmee, Golf Schools in KissimmeeOur preferred ball flight technology is FlightScope.  And we use both the X3 and the Mevo+ for all their programming.  X3 provides a fantastic platform for any coaching program. As well as a useful tool to club fit.  Along with it’s custom designed skill challenges, it is the work horse of the staff.  Mevo+ is a handy radar unit used on the course as well as within their winter simulator.

For video analysis, V1 Golf provides all clients of the McLemore Golf School are provided their own video locker where raw swing videos and recorded video lessons are stored.  You can also use V1 to record a video and send it to your coach at the school.BodiTrak, McLemore Golf Course, John Hughes Golf, Florida Golf Schools, Golf Schools in Florida, Golf Schools in Florida, Golf Schools Florida, Orlando Golf Schools, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Schools Orlando, Golf Lessons in Orlando, Golf Lessons Orlando, Beginner Golf Lessons, Beginner Golf Schools, Orlando Junior Golf Lessons, Orlando Junior Golf Schools, Orlando Junior Golf Camps, Orlando Ladies Golf Lessons, Orlando Ladies Golf Schools, Florida Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf School Vacations, Video Golf Lessons, Online Golf Lessons, Remote Golf Lessons, Golf Video Tips, Golf Instruction Online, McLemore Resort, McLemore Club, Omni Resort at ChampionsGate, Omni ChampionsGate Resort

Due to its mobility, BodiTrak is the preferred weight and foot dynamic platform.  Its ability to readily go from indoors to a greenside bunker, accurately measuring center of mass and how you use the ground to generate force is big reason it is used over other platforms., John Hughes Golf, Virtual CoachingAlso used at McLemore Golf School is  Using your face on swing video, SportsBox provides a #D look at your swing with accurate measurements various body and club positions throughout out your swing.  From this data, your golf instructor can dig deeper into your fitness and overall ability to make the swing you desire.  And create an improvement plan that allows you to reach your potential with your current abilities.


We use other technology platforms at McLemore Golf School as well.  But all for the sole purpose of providing objective facts about your golf swing.  No more emotions.  No more “I think” moments.  When the facts are in front of you, it’s a lot easier to go about creating a golf skill improvement program that addresses the skills needing more improvement.  But can also accurately and objectively benchmark your sustained improvement.

Playing the Right Equipment: Club Fitting TechnologyClub Fitting, Callaway Golf, McLemore Resort, Technology at McLemore

It’s not enough to have all the technology at our finger tips without making sure you have the correct equipment in your hands when you play McLemore.  That’s why we feature Callaway Club Fitting at McLemore Resort  Our certified fitters can get you into the best shaft and head combination to maximize your distances and make you more accurate.

Beyond the Scorecard: Mobile Apps for the Modern Golfer

Forget lugging around a bulky scorecard. You can find McLemore’s Highlands Course on almost all scoring and statistical mobile apps.  You’ll also find accurate yardages along with handy tips within the apps as well.

Weather On Demand: Planning Your Round with Precision

Anyone who’s experienced a rain out mid-round knows the importance of good weather intel. And every once in a while, weather events can occur at McLemore Golf Course. That’s why McLemore Resort employs a system to notify you well in advance of any event that will ruin your day.

When weather events happen at McLemore Resort, Thor Guard is there to warn you of an approaching lightning storm. Considered the industry standard for lightning detection and warning, Thor Guard horns thunder through the property. Providing all golfers and guests an opportunity to seek shelter when lightning is detected within 10-miles of the property. Thor Guard also communicates the warning through the Pace Technology GPS System on every cart.

You can also find and pinpoint McLemore Resort within numerous weather apps, providing up-to-the-minute forecasts. This allows you to plan your tee time strategically, avoiding afternoon thunderstorms or scheduling your round for the perfect temperature.

Conclusion – Tech for Every Golfer at McLemore

Whether you’re a seasoned player looking to shave strokes off your game or a casual golfer wanting to maximize your enjoyment, McLemore Golf School’s technological advancements cater to everyone. You’ll embrace the future and forget about the past of your game with the assistance of your instructor at McLemore Golf School.

So, if you’re looking for a golf course that offers a blend of scenic beauty, challenging play, and cutting-edge tech, then McLemore Golf Course should be your next tee time destination.


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