Skills Evaluations and A Round of Golf – It’s Back!

A Golf Skills Evaluation and a Round of Golf

It’s Back!  The popular program created a couple of years ago is back this summer.  But only for a limited time.  A Golf Skills Evaluation and a Round of Golf at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club is awaiting you, for only $99!  Can you afford not to experience this?

Why a Golf Skills Evaluation?

Sometimes, golfers are intimidated by the thought of taking a lesson.  Their fear? A lesson may “mess up” their game.  Taking a golf lesson can add to your mechanical thought process, increasing the chance of you hitting an errant shot. But experiencing a Golf Skills Evaluation is different.  It is not a lesson!  A Golf Skills Evaluation is an objective measurement of your current skills, using technology to judge your overall competency. After a 30-minute consultation, you’ll know exactly what your strengths are as a golfer.  You’ll also identify areas of your game you should focus on for immediate improvement.  You’ll have a better understanding of how you deal with pressure situations. And, you’ll be more confident knowing how to deal with those situations.

What is a Golf Skills Evaluation?

Your Golf Skills Evaluation will last approximately 30-minutes.  You can choose to test your Full-Swing Skills using a 6-target grid using FlightScope and its Skills App.  Or you can choose to test your Putting Skills using BlastMotion.  Each Evaluation includes basic video recordings of your experience using V1 Pro Video Analysis. At the completion of your evaluation, John will go over the results with you.  He’ll make some suggestions, and offer you a tip or two you can use that day as you play golf.  Remember, a Skills Evaluation is not a lesson.  However, it is an opportunity to learn.  You’ll learn who you are as a golfer and find out what you can do to improve your game.

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After Your Golf Skills Eavaluation, you’ll have the opportunity to play one of the Orlando area’s best golf courses, Falcon’s Fire Golf Club!

What happens after my Golf Skills Evaluation?

After your Evaluation, you’ll have a tee time waiting for you to play 18-holes of golf at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club. You will have the ability to immediately use the tips John provided to possibly improve your enjoyment of the game.

You’ll also have the ability to review your videos and performance data with access to your V1 Video Locker as well as having access to a newly created account within and within BlastMotion’s Student Dashboard.

When can I schedule my Golf Skills Evaluation and Round of Golf?

You can schedule your skills evaluation and round of golf at your convenience.  Availability is limited to scheduling ability and tee time availability.

How do I schedule my Golf Skills Evaluation and Round of Golf?

Contact me at 407-852-8547 or 

This offer is limited with availability and is subject to change/end without notice.Skills Evaluations are for individual golfers, not multiple golfers. But you can schedule separate skills evaluations for other golfers before or after your scheduled appointment, After your evaluation, you will be provided a tee time by yourself, and possibly paired with other golfers. With advance notice, you can add other golfers to your assigned tee time. Established Tee Time rate for that day/tee time apply.


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