Should I Bring My Golf Clubs or Not

Should I Bring My Golf Clubs or Not, John Hughes Golf, Golf Travel, Orlando Golf, Orlando Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf School, Golf Lessons in Kissimmee, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Orlando

Bringing your Golf Bag with you on your next trip can sometimes be a cumbersome, if not costly.

Should I Bring My Golf Clubs or Not?

Trying to decide if you want to bring your golf clubs with you on your next trip that includes flying to your destination?  Airlines always seem to change their fees and restrictions about how they handle baggage and what they consider an “extra bag.” Golf Clubs tend to fall into the category of an extra bag much more often these days, creating the dilemma for both business and leisure travelers as to whether or not to bring their golf clubs on a trip that includes air travel.

As much as playing a great course with your own sticks eliminates any “excuses” about your score, traveling with you golf clubs is either a big pain or a welcome relief, depending upon the purpose and length of your excursion.

As all traveling golfers enter the fall travel season, here are some suggestions and hints that could possibly persuade you to bring golf clubs with you during your next trip.

Should I Bring My Golf Bag or Not, John Hughes Golf, Golf Travel, Orlando Golf, Orlando Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf School, Golf Lessons in Kissimmee, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Orlando

Bring your Golf Clubs with you when the priority is to play golf.

Take your golf clubs when:

  • Your trip will last 3-days, more and you plan to play more than one round of golf – Traveling for 3-days, or more can often times lead to rental club fees far exceeding the cost and hassle of bringing your own golf clubs. Club rental fees at most high-end facilities can run from $50 to $125 a day. Yes, great facilities have great rental sets, but playing with a different set of golf clubs each day could take the enjoyment out of your experience. Add in the cost of items you did not pack (gloves, balls, shoes, tees, etc.) and you could blow your budget after day 1.

  • If you are traveling to one location – If your trip is to one destination and you will remain there the entire time, it makes sense to bring your own golf clubs. Having one destination eliminates any extra baggage fees for multiple flights, which could add up fast. And, you eliminate multiple rental club fees.

  • You want to play well – Let’s face it; some places you want to have your “A” game and other places you may choose to play for the sheer enjoyment. If you are looking to play well at a particular event, function, or location, there are no better golf clubs to use than your own.

  • You are want to learn to play better – Attending a golf school or golf clinic requires that you take your clubs, because learning with your own set of golf clubs is the absolute best way to engrain kinesthetic feedback. Rental clubs could have different specs, weights, and other factors but do not mimic the same feel as your clubs. Learning with a rental set that does not feel the same as yours, only forces you to relearn the same things when you get back home.

Should I Bring My Golf Clubs or Not, John Hughes Golf, Golf Travel, Orlando Golf, Orlando Golf Lessons, Orlando Golf School, Golf Lessons in Kissimmee, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Orlando

Sometimes it is best to leave your clubs at home, especially if your trip itinerary is hectic.

Leave your golf clubs at home when:

  • Your trip is two days or less or you plan to play only one round of golf – From an economic and hassle perspective, trips of two days or require you to drag your golf clubs everywhere you go. For less than the price of airline fees to handle your bag, you can rent a good set of name brand golf clubs and purchase just enough ancillary equipment to enjoy a relaxing day on the links.

  • Your trip includes multiple stops – $50 here; $75 there, adds up quick. By time you pay the fees for a two destination journey, you could have bought the new driver you have your eyes on.

  • Playing golf will be a last minute addition to the agenda – If there is a better than average possibility that golf will be an impulsive afternoon getaway within the getaway, you are better off renting clubs. Less hassle all the way around.

Other Options

Ship Your Golf Clubs

Another option becoming more popular these days is shipping your golf clubs ahead of your trip, and having your clubs shipped back to after completion of your trip.  Based on how many days before and after your trip you can handle not having your golf clubs available, shipping your clubs to your destination is an inexpensive alternative to the hassle of lugging your bag around and paying the additional airline fees its seems we are now stuck with forever. Check out Ship Sticks (, which specializes in shipping golf clubs around the world. They offer door to door service, ready-made boxes for your clubs and preprinted shipping labels.

2 Sets of Golf Clubs in One Bag

Bringing two sets of golf clubs with you? Consider bringing all the clubs in one bag.  This eliminates the need to carry two bags.  So long as the one bag stays under the weight limit for luggage (each airline has different limits) you’re good to go.  Most all golf courses have an extra bag or two in their shops you can use or rent cheaply to place the second set of golf clubs into.  And the needed accessories can fit into the golf bag you bring or into other pieces of luggage.

Duel Purpose Golf Bag/Travel Bag

If you like to travel light, and play light, consider purchasing a golf bag that serves as a regular bag as well as converts into a light weight but highly protective travel bag.  These golf bags are smaller in diameter, much lighter to carry, and offer a great deal of protection for your golf clubs.  The trade off is these bags have limited storage space for extra balls, gloves, or other gear.

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