Registration Closing Soon For McLemore Golf Schools

Apr 20, 2023

Registration Closing Soon For McLemore Golf Schools

Apr 20, 2023


With its long-anticipated golf schools at the McLemore Club right around the corner, John Hughes Golf is preparing for the trip from the Orlando, Florida area to northern Georgia. In a nearly hour-long interview with Charlie Rymer, PGA professional golfer and executive vice president of golf operations at McLemore Club, John Hughes discusses this beautiful resort, the unique golf opportunities it offers, and the golf schools that will take place there in May and June. The interview is available on the John Hughes Golf YouTube channel and gives potential students a taste of what’s in store at McLemore.


On the John Hughes Golf YouTube channel, a new interview between John Hughes and Charlie Rymer, a well-known professional golfer, commentator, entrepreneur, and executive at McLemore Club, introduces viewers to a truly special golf destination and the value-filled golf school events that John Hughes Golf will hold there in May and June of 2023. The interview, available at, covers a wide range of topics and gives potential participants a great taste of what they can expect when they sign up for this event.

With the golf schools just weeks away, registration is closing soon. Beginning, developing, and expert golfers alike are guaranteed to have a great time golfing the amazing holes at McLemore, taking in the scenery from an ideal vantage point, and gleaning from the knowledge that John Hughes and his team of teachers have to offer. With world-class accommodations, dining, and other activities to enjoy, McLemore Club is the ideal setting for an instructional event that not only takes the full range of golf skills to the next step, but also fosters a community and network of golf enthusiasts.

The video interview with John Hughes and Charlie Rymer is a great introduction not only to the McLemore golf school event, but also to the John Hughes Golf YouTube channel itself. The videos posted there contain a wealth of tips, walk-throughs, and ideas to help golfers develop skills that they can use right away on the driving range or their favorite golf course. After learning from the videos, golfers can get in touch with John through his website to schedule a personal golf instruction session and hone their skills to a finer point. Whether they choose to travel to McLemore for the spring golf event or attend a session in the organization’s home region of central Florida, their one-on-one or two-on-one golf school is sure to be a highlight and important step in their golf journey.

With registration closing soon and only a few dates left, now is the time for interested golfers to reserve their spots at the McLemore Club for expert instruction. At, interested students can watch an overview of the event and get in touch with the organization to make reservations. While on the website, they can also learn about the other instructors at John Hughes Golf, find special offers on equipment and technology, and discover more valuable tips to improve their game.

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