New Instructor Brings His Skills To John Hughes Golf

Oct 14, 2022

New Instructor Brings His Skills To John Hughes Golf

Oct 14, 2022


John Hughes Golf, headquartered in central Florida in the heart of some of the United States’ best golf country, is proud to announce that Alex Calcaterra has joined the team as its Director Of instruction. Alex joins John Hughes and the business’s other teachers and coaches in providing top-class instruction to golf enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels with flexible scheduling, from single-hour sessions to multi-day golf schools. With a great golf heritage, experience on courses in the United States and Europe, and a history of coaching students to tournament success at many different levels, Alex is a great addition to the John Hughes golf team.


John Hughes, the owner and head instructor at John Hughes Golf, is excited to welcome Alex Calcaterra as the business’s newest teaching staff member and its Director of Instruction. Alex comes to the Orlando-based golf school with a lifetime of experience and teaching history to draw on, having grown up playing on some of the best courses in Italy and the United States. As an adult, Alex formally built his golf skills at a number of seminars and academies, then built his practical training experience at the Berkshire Golf Club and other prestigious locations.

According to John Hughes, “Alex brings a unique perspective on the game, and we’re really excited about the technique and strategy that he can pass on to our clients. We’re proud to have him join us.” Alex is very familiar with the natural beauty and year-round incredible golf that central Florida has to offer, having spent over four years studying at the David Leadbetter Academy in Orlando.

Alex Calcaterra has an impressive resume of success, having coached golf players to success at many different tournament levels. While he gains great satisfaction in guiding an aspiring professional or amateur to a championship, he also loves simply having the opportunity to help folks at all levels take their short game, putting, or driving technique to the next stage. By combining his personal teaching style with the many video instruction, analysis, and other technological tools that John Hughes Golf employs, Alex hopes to give his students the most comprehensive and beneficial instruction possible.

Golfers who are interested in meeting Alex and building their skills under his coaching can learn more by visiting John Hughes Golf online at Students can choose from a range of versatile scheduling options, from spending a couple of hours focusing on a specific technique to setting aside two or three days for an in-depth experience to dramatically improve the student’s overall game.

Alex Calcaterra and the other instructors at John Hughes Golf love introducing golfers to the incredible courses surrounding Orlando, Florida, whether they are Florida natives themselves or whether they are visitors from out of state, drawn to the beautiful weather and the nation’s top golf courses. Beginners, lifelong golfers, and everyone in between can benefit from signing up for a coaching session or multi-day golf school with one of these experienced, insightful, and friendly instructors.

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