New Orlando Beginner Golf Clinics – Play Golf Now!

All golfers have to start somewhere, which is why I am offering “Play Golf Now,” a new Orlando Beginner Golf Clinics series.  Each month, up to 8 individuals can learn to putt, chip, hit a ball of the ground and off a tee, and spend some time on the course, learning and building confidence to play golf more often.

What is the New Orlando Beginner Golf Clinic, Play Golf Now?

Play Golf Now focuses on the four key skills necessary to make it around the course with some confidence, starting from the ole and moving backwards towards the tee.  Putting is covered first, with an emphasis on sinking more 4 footers as well as controlling the distance of each putt.  Participants will then learn to chip the ball, arguably everyone’s “go-to” shot and the basis of a a great impact position for a full swing stroke.  The swing will grow from the chip shot to a swing more reminiscent of a full swing, emphasizing basic fundamental set-up positions as well as what compressing a golf ball should feel like.  Finally, we’ll take out the driver and fairway woods and let each person discover what its like to hit a long shot like the pros.

Along the way, each participant will learn a little about etiquette, basic rules, and how to make it around the golf course without feeling like they are getting ins someone’s way.  Each participant will receive videos of their progress as well as a PDF booklet detailing what is covered in this new and unique series of Orlando Beginner Golf Clinics.

Play Golf Now/Orlando Beginner Golf Clinics are pre-scheduled throughout the year and require a minimum of 4 participants for a clinic to be held.  For more information about Play Golf Now/Orlando Beginner Golf Clinics, CLICK HERE and register while spots are still available.

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