Orlando Golf Lessons with John Hughes Golf

Are you an accomplished player, an absolute beginner, or an average golfer looking to make it to the next level? Scheduling Orlando Golf Lessons with John Hughes is the best investment you can make for your golf game to reach the skill level you are wanting to achieve.

The best golf lessons offer you the possibility of a complete and quality experience. My 28+ years of experience as a Golf Instructor and Coach instructing all skill levels of golfers has shown me that it takes more than just golf lessons for someone to reach their potential. And each golf lesson I provide must deliver results for you. This is why I have assembled the best golf lesson team of experts and resources you can use to play golf at any level.

Expert Team of Golf Lesson Specialists

Once we determine the best golf lesson improvement plan for you as an individual that will provide the results you are looking for, you may need the assistance and guidance of a fitness, nutrition, or mental conditioning expert. If you choose, my team of experts can show you what it will take to reach your potential within their area of expertise.

Golf Lesson Technology

Slow Motion Video Analysis, 3D Ball Flight Monitoring, Comprehensive Club-Fitting, and State-of-the-Art Swing Aids will assist you to drill improvements into your swing. After each of your golf instruction sessions with me, we’ll continue to share information such as follow-up video, statistics, swing tips, and photos through the use of State-of-the-Art technology that allows us to communicate instantaneously with each other.

Orlando Golf Lessons – Locations

All my Golf Instruction Programs are held in Orlando at 4 and 5-Star golf facilities, allowing your to practice with great golf balls on well-conditioned surfaces. You’ll also experience the best playing conditions possible, while learning to play on the golf course. Or, if you prefer, I can travel to your favorite club or destination, making it convenient for you to experience the best golf lesson experience possible. I can also visit you at your facility to conduct golf lesson and golf instruction programs.

Instructional Programs

With Orlando Golf Lesson programs you can choose from include hourly Golf Lessons, comprehensive Improvement Plans, or a complete Coaching Program. You can also choose to be part of one-of-a-kind golf instruction vacations to some of the world’s most luxurious golf getaways. No matter what program you choose, our time together will be the best quality Golf Lessons and Golf Instruction you will ever experience, giving you the best chance to make your golf improvement goals a reality.


Whether you currently live in the Orlando area, plan to visit Central Florida to experience golf instruction, or prefer to stay home at your course, you can schedule an Orlando golf lesson or golf instruction session with me, at your convenience. Flexible scheduling allows me to travel to you, or allows you to visit me in Orlando on your schedule. During our Golf Lesson time, we’ll work together to make an immediate positive impact to your golf game. We’ll install a long-term plan for improvement and success. And I guarantee you will gain knowledge, instantly improvement in your golf game, and enjoy the game of golf more than you ever have.

Bottom Line

Making an investment of time and money, you must seriously consider who you choose to instruct you. I guarantee I will be serious and committed to you as we work together to help you reach your fullest potential as a person and as a golfer.