Organizing Your Golf Clubs Makes Golf Simpler than You Make it Now

Ever go to your golf bag and can’t find the club you need?  Or, you realize the club you need may not be in your bag?  If you’re new to golf or the game is still a passive hobby, chances are your golf bag is a disorganized mess.  If you’re expecting to improve your game, you need to learn a basic principle. Organizing your golf clubs in your golf bag makes life and your golf game much simpler to appreciate. It’s part of preparing to play better golf.

Here are the 3 main reasons I provide all my clients who show up to Falcon’s Fire Golf Club or Streamsong Resort for their first coaching session with an unorganized golf bag.

1. Protect Your Golf Clubs by Keeping Shorter Clubs from Damaging the Longer Ones

Ever wonder why the top of a golf bag is “tiered” at an angle?  It’s to help organize your clubs by height, and protects the longer shafts of your longer golf clubs from being damaged by smaller, heavier golf clubs.  Longer golf clubs, your driver, fairway woods, and hybrids should be in these slots.  Keeping these clubs from banging against your irons protects the graphite shaft in each, and prevents the “pitting” and “scarring” you may see near the hosel of each club.

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A well organized golf bag protects your clubs and provides you the security of knowing where each club is located.

Don’t be surprised if a shaft breaks in the area of those marks, in mid-swing. Over time, those pits and scars weaken the shaft with every swing you take. If you’re too lazy now to place a longer club back into a longer slot in your bag, you’ll be paying heavily for this simple mistake later.

2. You Know Exactly Where a Golf Club is When You Need It

You’ve made the decision as to which club to use, and you can’t find it.  You know it’s in the bag somewhere, because you put it back in the bag a couple holes ago.  The time you waste looking for a club in the bag is time you take away from focusing on a great pre-shot routine that sets you up for a successful shot.  Organizing your golf clubs in a consistent order within you bag allows you to reach for exact golf club, in the exact spot in the bag, each time you need it.  Believe it or not, knowing where a club should be keeps your focus on what’s most important, the next shot.  The distraction of looking for a club creates a distraction in how your brain is processing your next shot.  You’re creating a recipe for a disastrous shot if pre-shot routine is as unorganized as your golf clubs are within the bag,

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How would you know your missing a golf club in this mess?

3. You Know Sooner if You Misplaced or Lost a Golf Club

To expand upon the #2 reason, what happens if you can’t find the club you’re looking for because it’s not in your golf bag?  Losing a golf club in the middle of a round can totally unravel the hole you’re playing, if not the entire round of golf.  Organizing your golf clubs, in the same logical location within your golf bag, allows you to recognize you’re missing a golf club before you ever leave the hole you just played.  You’ll see right away there is an open slot in your bag. And you’ll know exactly what club is missing from that slot.  You’re mind will instantly remember exactly where you last used that club.  In turn, it will be easier to retrieve the club, whether it is laying beside the green you just exited, or near the hazard you just escaped from.

Organizing Your Golf Clubs Checklist

Organizing your golf clubs within your bag is simple.

  • Start with the longer clubs in the longer protected areas;
  • Work your way from long to short with the remaining club.  Decide whether you like to organize left to right or right to left, and place one club in each slot, in that direction you’re most comfortable with;
  • Keep working down the bag until you place all clubs in your bag;
  • Your putter should have a head cover on it when not in use.  Place it in the shortest slot, so it does not get damaged by other clubs.


If you’re killing yourself on the course because you’re disorganized, look no further than your golf bag as the culprit.  Organizing your golf clubs within your golf bag is the first step to organizing your golf game.


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