November Golf School Promotion

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Golf Schools

Golf School season is right around the corner and with the past few months curtailing travel for almost all of us, I’m anticipating a fairly busy spring in 2022 full of returning and new golf school clients. Which is what I want to offer you, my existing clients, an opportunity at a November Golf School Promotion.

What is the November Golf School Promotion?

Through the month of November 2021, you can book a golf school vacation between January and April of 2022, of 2-days or more, at 10% off the 2021 off-season rate of $695 per day for a 1-to-1 golf school.  That’s right!  $635 per day for a 1-to-1 golf school in 2022. A second golfer can join you for an additional $400 a day. There are 2 restrictions.  You have to secure your golf school dates and remitting a deposit of 1/2 the total of your golf school, before November 30, 2021. The other restriction is it is offered to returning clients only.

Why is John offering a November Golf School Promotion so Cheap Now?

I’ve been very blessed the past 3+ years as my coaching practice has grown.  And I want to thank those people who made it happen, YOU!  However, I am anticipating my time being less available going into 2022.  I’ve already scheduled several golf school programs between January and May of 2022.  Along with my regular clients and anticipating new clients coming in throughout 2022, I’m concerned I will not have as much time as normal to take care of the golfers who take care of me.  That’s why I am offering this limited and one time offer to book your 2022 golf school during my November Golf School Promotion so you can schedule the exact dates you want to visit Orlando.

Will there ever be another Golf School Promotion like this one?

No. Because my schedule is getting more full each year with regular clientele who are scheduling me weekly.  Also, my costs at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club and Streamsong will increase January 1, 2022, and I do not want to pass along that increase to my existing clientele.  I may offer a holiday promotion each year for my loyal clients to take advantage of. And I will most likely offer a promotion to the entire world to take advantage of that will never be as good as the one I offer you.  You, my existing clientele, are the only golfers who have the ability to take advantage of this month-long, one-time offer in November of 2021.

What if I Want to Book a Golf School with You but the Dates I Want are Already Booked?

There are options available if you want to take advantage of this offer but the dates you really want to schedule are already confirmed with another client.  The 1st option is changing your dates to another date.  Or I can provide you extended scheduling.  But I’ll do that on a case by case basis.

Another option is taking a golf school with a staff instructor.  Yes, my business has grown so much I’ve now added other instructors to assist me.  I’d like to introduce you to Ed Fulford, along time friend and mentor, my son’s Godfather, and the first staff instructor of John Hughes Golf!  Ed is available beginning December 1, 2021 for golf schools as well as private coaching.  This offer extends to golf school programs when you choose as your golf school instructor.

How do I Secure my 2022 Golf School Program?

Contact me by November 30, 2021 with the dates you’d like to schedule your golf school.  I’ll send you an invoice for your deposit that you can pay remotely through a secured portal.  Once I receive notification you’ve paid your deposit, I’ll email you confirmation of your 2022 Golf School program.

Thanks in advance for understanding the circumstances behind this promotion.  And please accept my sincere THANK YOU for being part of my golf academy’s growth.  I hope to see you again in 2022!


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