How You and Your Family can Have More Fun Playing Golf

Golf is an activity you and your family can do together.  And the game’s growth provides an opportunity for you and your family to have more fun playing golf in different ways than we have traditionally thought about. This month’s Blog Tip of the Month is about how you and your family can have more fun playing golf, while exposing your family to the benefits of playing golf.

Beginners Can Have More Fun Playing Golf

If you and your family are beginners at golf, why torture yourself with 4+ hours of agonizing mishits and putts you have no control over? Beginners can have have more fun playing golf by slowing the game down and making each shot an enjoyable experience:
Going to a Practice Range and Learn how to Swing a Golf Club while Exploring Your Capabilities – This is how most people start. Hitting golf balls at a range once or twice a month lets you swing the way you want, as hard as you want, and it only takes about 30-minutes. Make games out of hitting balls with your family, such as who can come closest to hitting the person driving the picker, or who can hit the farthest, or the person who hits a certain target the most during your time there wins a prize.
Going to the Golf Course and Playing 4-Holes or Less – 4 holes should take you just over an hour to play and will provide you an opportunity to get out on the course and enjoy its surroundings. You can play games on the course with each other, stressing the element of fun. Be sure to create a maximum score for everyone so they can’t have a big score at the end of the holes you play and encourage smaller games such as chipping or putting contests that everyone should be able to do and have fun, without holding up play behind you.
Alternative Golf – With the many different golf entertainment centers being opened almost daily, why not visit one and bring the family? Having more fun playing golf does not always mean visiting a golf course, especially if you are a beginner discovering and developing your passion for the game.  Golf Entertainment Centers provide a unique alternative to learning to play the game, with a focus on an engaging social environment and more traditional scoring alternatives.  The entire family can have a great time.  And each individual can walk away from the experience feeling like they accomplished something.

Intermediates are having More Fun Playing Golf

You play golf.  You’re decent enough to make it around the entire course.  But time, finances, other priorities, and other distractions keep you from playing as often as you like. This category includes the majority of golfers in the United States. Encouraging your entire family to participate in activities on or off a golf course will create an increase golf’s position within yours and your family’s priority list.  And when golf is a higher priority, it’s easier to have more fun playing golf:
Family Day at the Course – The plan? Everyone goes to the course and everyone will participate. Whether it is taking a family clinic or playing modified games on the course for 9-holes, or having a contest each Saturday on the range at 4PM, you need to make a plan to insure the experience and time spent is beyond enjoyable.  If all members of your participate, it is sure way to make golf an activity everyone chooses to play.
Individual or Group Coaching – This is the wave of the future for golf instruction.  Individuals or entire families are already engaging a golf instructor to instruct all family members, using a coaching style program. “Coaching” is different than “teaching” because it stresses flexibility to accommodate everyone’s schedule, while incorporating other elements of golf not traditionally associated with a “lesson.”
Golf Leagues – Looking for a relaxed form of competition where you can test your skills and meet people of similar interests? Be willing to join or even start a league at a golf facility. Most all golf facilities are open and willing to host leagues and will assist you with the administration of a league. Creating a family league is an up and coming movement around the country that allows an entire family to be a team competing against other family teams. You can use any members of your family any week to represent you and each week there may be a different format to keep things interesting and fun.

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Advanced Skill Level Golfers can Have more fun playing golf by changing the way you look at practice.

Advanced Players Continually Look for New Ways to Have More Fun Playing Golf

Your passion is there but sometimes frustration sets in. Look no further than the rounds you currently play to have more fun playing golf:
Games within a Game – Set up the course in 2-hole, 3-hole, or 6 hole segments and create a goal for you to accomplish in each set that is not related to your score, such as hitting greens, or number of putts. You can play these games with your playing partners too and I feel certain they will enjoy them as much as the round itself.
Bring a Family Member to Your Practice Sessions – I play a game with my better player clients called “call the shot,” where I pick a club out of their bag, tell them the type of shot to hit to a specific target without the client seeing what club they have in their hands. You can do this too with a family member who may have some interest in golf but have been reluctant to join you because they are afraid of interfering with your fun. Allowing them to pick your shot and club may be a way of growing their interest in playing more golf while at the same time having them feel like they are helping you have more fun too.

These are only a few ways for you to look at golf from the “Fun” side of things and enjoy the game more. There are lots of different things going on with golf that can spur on your interest, create a new golfer out of a friend or family member, or increase your passion to play more often. All of the ideas above keep time and finances in check while efficiently using your time wisely to enjoy the game more often. Don’t let excuses or old and tired stereotypes of golf keep you from experiencing the game. Be willing to make golf “YOUR” game and incorporate some of the things you currently do into golf so it is a fun past time for you and your entire family.

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