Making Video Instruction Your Choice

Making Video Instruction Your Choice

Making Video Instruction Your Choice

There are many ways to learn golf skills.  Arguably the most popular and fasted growing way of doing so is watching instruction videos online.  With so many Instructors offering so many different choices of video content to choose from, it is a mindboggling task at best of making video instruction your choice of how you improve your golf skills.

When you determine a subject of instruction you want to watch, there is almost always a large number of choices that cover your chosen subject, making it very confusing to choose which one to watch.  And from which resource do you choose to find those videos?  Who produces a high quality video that is easy to view and understand?  Making video instruction your choice of content delivery is becoming tougher everyday.

It has been my plan since re-launching my website to include instructional video within the site and I am now ready over the next several months to shoot and produce several videos and feature at least one “Video Tip of the Month.”   But I do not want to make videos that are redundant of all the others you can choose from or make skill development videos you are not interested in watching.  Which is why I am asking for your input and assistance.

Please complete a short 10 question survey about your golf instruction video viewing habits and preferences by CLICKING HERE.  Doing so will greatly assist me in picking relative topics that you want to see on the website.  You can also win a free 90-minute Coaching Session by doing so.  And if I choose an idea or subject for a video that you suggest, you will win a free Half-Day Golf School!


Making Video Instruction Your Choice

There are other choices of instantaneous video instruction and improvement that can make video instruction your choice of improvement that much easier. If you are looking for immediate assistance with your game and can’t make it to Orlando, you may want to look at a private live video lesson through MobiCoach.

MobiCoach is an application platform that enables you and I to communicate live, no matter where you are in the world.  With real time video graphic drawings as well as swing data (Swing Speed, Tempo, etc.), a 15-30 minute session with me through MobiCoach will definitely get you through a current slump or address the next level of your improvement process.  From now through August 31, I am once again offering you the ability to experience a MobiCoach Coaching Session FREE.  This is how you can do so:

  • Download the free MobiCoach or SwingTip App at by Clicking Here
  • Create a Customer Profile and then Click this Link to visit my profile and schedule a session
  • Use the code “JOHU15” when checking out to receive your free session

All the best this week as you get your last minute practice sessions and rounds in before football seasons starts!

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