Why are You not Keeping Your Golf Clubs Clean?

A Simple Task that Makes a Big Difference

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  So too do your golf clubs.  Both from a cosmetic and execution stand point, your clubs have only one opportunity with each shot to get the job done, looking good doing so.  Most golfers don’t help their cause when it comes to keeping their clubs clean.  Beyond the obvious cosmetic appearance, dirty clubs produce adverse effects to your shots. No matter how great a ball striker you may think you are.  Without a doubt, keeping your golf clubs clean is a fundamental basic you need to implement immediately.

Keeping Your Golf Clubs Clean is More than what Meets the Eye

I know immediately if someone is serious about their game based upon the appearance of their golf clubs. Dirty clubs, with multiple rounds of caked-on mud, eludes a sense of sloppiness.  Those sloppy habits most likely intrude into every aspect of their game. In addition, it tells me of the probable sloppiness of the golfer’s ability to retain and employ the coaching provided them as well as their practice habits to make that happen.

As a general rule, most golfers take pride in their personal appearance, budgeting a minimal amount of effort and time daily to our personal hygiene.  Why not take pride in the cleanliness of your golf clubs? With a 5-7 second ritual after every shot, keeping your golf clubs clean can insure your chances of hitting quality shots with every swing.  After cleaning your golf club, place it back in the bag in an organized way. Doing so shortens the time needed to find a club you may believe lost.  Completing these 2 small tasks assists you with your game and provides a positive non-verbal message to other golfers.

The Science Behind Keeping Your Golf Clubs Clean

A dirty club face can cause a shot to start off line, impart an unwanted spin, and ultimately lead to higher than needed scores. With data supplied by FlightScope, let’s examine the facts.

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Keeping Your golf Clubs Clean insures you have the absolute best chance of optimizing the ball flight of every shot. Who doesn’t want that?

A clean wedge produces an average spin rate of 9000 RPM’s or more. This may sound excessive to the average golfer.  But it’s the spin necessary to make a ball stop where you want, or “suck” back to a target.  A dirty club face can cut the rate by almost half (See More by Clicking Here).  Therefore, the lack of spin created by any dirty club face will alter ball flight.  Dirty club faces effects Initial trajectory, spin axis, height, and horizontal launch, are just a few parameter effected. Subsequently, dirty golf clubs create too many variables a good golfer can’t leave up to chance.the best

et towel solves the issue. Simply wiping a couple times in all directions is all it takes to keep a club face clean.  It’s also an effective way to keep the scoring lines of the club free of debris. In addition, a small brush attached to the bag is an inexpensive add-on that assists with a more detailed cleaning of the grooves. Not only will a brush it clean the grooves, It also limits how much dirt the towel has to withstand.

Keeping Your Golf Clubs Clean has Residual Value

Keeping Your Golf Clubs Clean, John Hughes Golf, FlightScope, Golf Lessons in Orlando, Golf Schools in Orlando, Golf Lessons in Kissimmee, Golf Schools in Kissimmee, Florida Golf Schools

Dirty Golf Clubs not only lessen your chances of hitting good shots, they also depreciate the value of your clubs over each round you play.

Dirty club faces also expedite the pitting, scratching, and overall wear of a golf club, adversely effecting its resale vale.  Should you decide to trade in your clubs when purchasing a new set, it’s important that the set you are trading is in better than average condition.  This allows the set’s next owner to benefit from the remaining life time of the club(s).

You may not be thinking about resale value now.  And you may not be intending to trade your clubs when purchasing new ones.  Regardless of your long-term intentions for your clubs, keeping your golf clubs clean is obviously a must do habit. You may be opting instead to keep the former set for a family member or to have handy when a guest needs a set.  Don’t embarrass yourself by lending or giving a set of damaged set of clubs you own that could effect the enjoyment of the golfer who will use the set.


Keeping your golf clubs clean is good common sense.  You’ll make a good first impression to everyone you encounter at the course.  And in turn, you’ll insure nothing stands in your way of playing to your potential.


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