June is Update Month

June is Update Month

It has been one of those months that keeps me busy as well as has me thinking forward.  June is Update Month.  With golf school season over, it is time to start kick starting the new season now, at least for me.  So I thought I would give everyone a sneak peak at a couple things I work on each summer.

June is Update Month


My son Jack spends quite a bit of time with me each summer.  Three years ago, he decided he wanted to try his hand at tournament golf.  It has been a slow endeavor for Jack, but that is okay with me.  It is his decision to play, not mine, so Dad takes a back seat to the trials and tribulations of a young man learning the small lessons golf teaches us all.  I am proud to say that I have given Jack only two lessons; both was when he asked a question after trying to figure out the answer himself.  His first question came at the age of 4, “Dad, how can I hold the club to hit it farther?”  We made some adjustments that day so he could square the club a bit more readily at impact.  His other question, “Dad, why does the ball go that way?”  That question came not too long after the first one.  We made some adjustments that day to help him understand alignment.  And because he is here again spending time with me during June is Update Month, we are getting him updated with his grip and alignment again.  Not because he forgot, but because these two fundamentals will allow him to play to his potential, no matter what he chooses his potential to be.  It is still Jack’s choice to play and practice golf, and it will always be his choice.  I hope one day he sees the potential he has that we all see in him and makes a commitment to play more often and work on his game.  Until that time, I am thoroughly enjoying being Jack’s Dad at any event he chooses to play.

Parents – the lesson to be learned here; let your kids be kids, and you be parents.  And let your kids experience golf for all that it is worth.  Be supportive, be loving, and let your child’s coach be just that, the coach.

June is Update Month

New Projects

June is update month to make sure that any new projects are coordinated with ongoing efforts I am making to assist my clientele as well as grow as a business and individual.  To this end, I am proud to announce that I will soon be sharing some video with you through my friends at FlightScope.  FlightScope has asked me to be an integral part of a new video series that will be promoting their products.  We are starting with their Skills App, a fantastic way for any golfer to train and a fantastic tool for any Instructor to use to create a fun practice session or any level student.  I want to thank  Kobie Pieterse of FlightScope for allowing me to be part of this project and future projects.  I also want to thank tow good friends, Amanda Holdshoe and Ben Lovelace for assisting Kobie and I today during our first video shoot.  From all indications today, this will be a video series you will not want to miss.  And I’ll be posting all videos as soon as they are released.

June is Update Month – The Giveaway

Time to update everyone about the Father’s Day Giveaway.  The winner of the 2-Hour session with me is Nick Taylor of Haines City, Florida!  Congratulations Nick!  I’m looking forward to us getting together soon to improve your game.

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