Why Do You Play Golf?

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In all likelihood, you play golf to HAVE FUN!

I like to have fun too. Because we both want to have fun, my overall philosophy is simple;

Have fun; learn as much as you can, know how to apply what you have learned, so your fun is easier to obtain and sustain.

John’s Golf Instruction Philosophy

When was the last time a golf instructor asked you, “Why do you play golf,” before a golf lesson?  If your instructor has not asked you that question, chances are your golf teacher already has a predetermined plan for you versus a plan your design together that achieves YOUR goals.

No two individuals I have ever taught are identical in nature or ability. This is why I ask the question, “Why do you play golf?” And don’t be surprised if I ask you, “Are you having fun,” several times through out your Orlando Golf Lesson.


There is not a right or wrong way to instruct you to improve your golf game. There is only one way, the correct way to instruct YOU! To best Communication and delivery of my Orlando Golf Lessons is simple. As your Golf Coach, I promise you I will:

  1. Listen – I need to fully understand what makes you the person you are, on and off the golf course to effectively assist your improvement

  2. Understand Your Golf Skill Needs – what are you wanting to achieve during your golf lesson in Orlando
  3. Understand You Current Skill Abilities – this allows us both to set a realistic expectations and craft a personalized improvement plan
  4. Understand your Playing and Practice Habits – knowing these 2 critical components creates a more realistic timeline of achieving your goals

  5. Create a Dialogue with You – this will determine what we need to include within your personalized improvement plan to efficiently and effectively allow you to reach your fullest potential

All are core ingredients to your success.

I Want You to Achieve Results

Using this philosophy for over 30 years, my clients have successful made improvements to their golf games after one golf lesson.  Some have gone on to win numerous club championships, junior golf championships, 3 NCAA Championships, State and Regional Amateur Championships, as well as Professional Tournament titles.

Most of my clients are like you, looking to have more fun playing golf while committing to improve their skills.  Keeping your golf improvement goals as the priority, I guarantee you will have fun experiencing the best golf lesson you have ever had and you will improve after one golf lesson.

I want to coach any golfer, regardless of your skill level or experience, who wants to learn and improve.  I believe in this philosophy.  To deliver that to you, I commit daily to do the same, to continually learn and improve.  And I have fun doing so.

I have fun with everything in life or I make a change.  Why not make a change today and have some fun when you schedule a golf lesson in Orlando with me?

John@JohnHughesGolf.com       407-852-8547


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