John Hughes Golf is Back!

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John Hughes Golf is Back!

John Hughes Golf is back live!  After a few years of being inactive, John Hughes Golf will be providing you golf content, golf instruction, golf news, golf tips, golf travel, and other topics related to golf. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the years! is an evolution in progress.  Design features, content, and instructional tips are all forthcoming.  Your patience as John Hughes Golf makes improvements is appreciated.  It takes time to develop interesting topics you will want to read and know about.

2014 Golf Season

2014 is beginning with a lot of anticipation and excitement.  Not only are the programs contained within this website now available, you can also help and participate in activities we’ll be part of throughout the year.

The first item of interest is January 22, 2014, when I will formally receive the 2013 PGA of America Horton Smith Award.  A lot of family, friends, and industry dignitaries will be present that evening at the Orange County Convention Center.  Be sure to look for the streaming video link a couple days before, if you can not be present.

The Annual PGA of America Merchandise Show takes place January 21-24.  This is the absolute best place to see the latest and greatest of the golf industry.  January 21 is Demo Day at Orange County National Golf Club.  All the major and minor manufacturers of golf equipment are there, allowing you to try their newest equipment.  The Merchandise Show is January 22-24 at the Orange County Convention Center.  Three days of anything and everything golf under one roof.  I’ll be posting updates and photos during these four days.  Be sure to visit the site often.

Secretary of the North Florida PGA Section

Also worth mentioning is my recent election as Secretary of the North Florida PGA Section.  The previous 6+ years serving the East Central Chapter have been fantastic.  As an officer of the Section, I am looking forward to serving the 1500+ Members of the Section, and sharing some of my experiences with you.

I wish everyone a successful and productive 2014.  And as always, please let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you in anyway.

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