How to Choose a Golf Instructor

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Do You Know How to Choose a Golf Instructor?

Eleven years ago I had the fortunate opportunity to meet John Kim of Turner Communications.  At that time, John was searching for content for, the PGA’s clearing house of information to golfers everywhere.  After some discussions with John, he convinced me that contributing to the website was going to be a good thing for me and my career.  And oh how John was correct about that.

Eleven years later, continues to run the first piece I ever wrote for them as a feature piece, How to Choose a Golf Instructor.  According to John , this piece is perennially one of top viewed articles on the site.   This year, I was given the opportunity to do a little editing to the article to being it up to date.  Thanks to John’s predecessor, TJ Auclair, for continuing to run the article and allowing me to bring it up to date.

This one article grew into many more articles on the site as well as a video tip that is still available.  Over the coming weeks, this article as well as other golf instruction articles I have written in the past will become part of   Look for a “Golf Tips” tab coming in the near future.

I hope you enjoy this article and how it pertains to you.  And I hope it brings you back to my site to choose me as your Golf Coach.

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