How Much is Too Much?

How Much is Too Much?

The balance between what is enough and what is too much is a constant battle we all fight with most everything in life, but how much is too much?  As most golfers try to achieve their ultimate golf success experiences, determining how much time to practice is difficult.  Why, because most golfers do not have enough time to practice or play as much as they would like.  But some seem to head into the opposite direction, consuming themselves with golf in what some would consider an extreme.  But isn’t one of the enjoyments of learning the experience of understanding your extreme parameters and finding what is best for you?

Finding Golf Success

I had the unique pleasure to share some time with a great young man who visited the area with family and decided he wanted to learn more about golf and the role it could play in his life.  During the time we shared together, extremes were the norm.  Whether it be an absolutely horrible golf shot or the best shot of his life, the determination and perseverance of this young man was enlightening to witness yet very real in the struggles all golfers experience.  His continual inner battle was whether or not to continue practicing a particular golf shot after hitting a great shot to see if he could perform it again, or go on to a different golf skill and try to conquer it.  Regardless of his decision, the goal was to never go on to a different golf skill within his golf lesson until he felt the shot he just hit is one that he could remember, and try to obtain again another day.  This was his decision, not mine, which was impressive to say the least.  Not too many golfers, of any age, have that type of wisdom, never the less the courage to use that wisdom in a productive manner.  And for someone who battles the daily task of balancing ADHD as he decides upon the path his life will take, this made his efforts all that more impressive to me.

How did he do all this?  It was very easy to him.  His daily objective is to make life simple, within a routine, and only allow those distractions he truly has interest in to consume his time.  By keeping his daily goal in tact at the practice facility, he was able to meet all three objectives he had for golf instruction; learn fundamental basics about the game, learn to hit a golf ball straight and why that happens, and to feel more comfortable on the golf course so he can enjoy the game more.  Sounds like a simple plan but with issues sometimes beyond his control, nothing is that easy.  Because his daily routine is so sound, he easily adapted to golf and as he told me in a very excited tone, he will continue to play golf.

I am proud to say I learned more from him than I taught him.  He reminded me that the difference between not enough and too much is your definition of the phrase, “I am ready for something new.”  Do you know when you are truly ready to add something to your golf practice sessions as much as this young man does?  If not, it is time to connect with your innate feeling of accomplishment that tells you enough is enough.  Successful completion of a skill breeds two things, confidence throughout your game and your willingness to continue to practice the skill so you can one day potentially master the skill.  Success also breeds your willingness to challenge yourself to learn a new skill, which can create a building block approach to your life and your golf game.

The Value of Learning Skills to Achieve Your Golf Success

The successful completion of each skill this young man attempted to challenge himself with will always be etched in my memory as a classic example of what it takes to be your best.  Creating a plan, being willing to stick to a plan, and have the courage to be flexible within a plan goes a long way to obtaining your ultimate goal.  Knowing he has desires to do other things in his life, he left with a better understanding of who he is as a person, what his limits are, and how golf can assist him in life.

What I hope you will learn from this true story is only you know what is enough and not enough, what is too much for you to handle or conquer.  Knowing your parameters as a golfer, as in life, goes a long way to securing golf success for you at any level you choose.

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