What is and Why Should I take a Golf Skills Assessment?

Recently tech companies have made the advancements necessary to accurately and objectively measure golfers’ skills using a Golf Skills Assessment.  I receive a lot of questions about the Golf Skills Assessment I offer.  So I thought creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, or a Golf Skills Assessment FAQ, you’ll understand what a Golf Skills Assessment is and what you should expect. If you are giving serious thought to taking an assessment, this Golf Skills Assessment FAQ is for you.  If you have a suggestion to add to my Golf Skills Assessment FAQ page, please contact me and I’ll do my best to post your question as soon as possible.

What is a Golf Skills Assessment?

A Golf Skills Assessment is a type of Golf Lesson, but the time spent is used to objectively measure a golfer’s current skills versus providing instruction.  using objective tests, contests, and challenges.  For a Golf Skills Assessment to be accurate and non-bias, an administrator will have the golfer participate within skill challenges, contests and other types of test using technical pieces of equipment such as a radar, optical, or other device to objectively measure the skill being assessed.

Why should I take a Golf Skills Assessment?

If a golfer is serious about improving their skills, a Golf Skills Assessment is an accurate and non-bias way to identify the strengths and deficiencies of a golfer’s skills.  With that information, a golf er and coach can create a more customized skill improvement plan that can provide short and long-term improvement.

How much does a Golf Skills Assessment Cost?

Rates for a Golf Skills Assessment vary based upon several factors that include but are not limited to the facility where the Golf Skills Assessment will take place, the experience level and availability of the Golf Professional administering the Assessment, how long the Golf Skills Assessment will last, as well as what skill(s) will be assessed during the appointment. Some Golf Professionals offer free assessments while others charge for the Golf Skills Assessment and provide the golfer other incentives such as a round of golf or discount to a future Golf Lesson or Golf School.

What should I Expect when I take a Golf Skills Assessment?

You should arrive in time to properly warm up for the skills you plan to test.  The Golf Professional should thoroughly explain the Assessment and the equipment being used to conduct the Assessment.  You’ll participate in the challenges and tests discussed.  Afterwards, the Golf Professional will review and discuss the findings of the assessment with you as well as possibly discuss ways to improve your golf skills.  There might also be a discussion about the proper improvement plan that is best for you, based upon the Golf Skills Assessment findings.

Will the Golf Professional use Video during my Golf Skills Assessment?

Some Golf Professionals do use video analysis during a Golf Skills Assessment to document the movement of your swings as you participate in the various tests included within an assessment.  If video is used, it is typically used as a benchmark of what your current skills are to use as a comparison within any Golf Improvement Program you may decide is best for you.

How Often should I take a Golf Skills Assessment?

If your curious about your current Golf Skills and are interested to find out how you can improve, participating in one Golf Skills Assessment is all you need.  If you’re serious about your game and your ability to play better, a Golf Skills Assessment should be regular and scheduled part of an ongoing golf improvement plan agreed upon by you and your Golf Coach.

How do I Choose the Best Golf Skills Assessment for Me?

You should chose a Golf Skills Assessment based upon your long-term commitment to improve your game as well as what you’d like to include within the assessment.  Most Golf Professionals who offer high quality Golf Skills Assessments are flexible with is included as well as a day and time convenient for you to conduct the Golf Skills Assessment and discuss its findings with you in detail.

How do I get the Best Benefit from a Golf Skills Assessment?

Before you schedule a Golf Skills Assessment, be sure you are doing so for the right reasons and have any open mind to what the Assessment may determine about you and your golf skills.  The findings of an objective and non-bias Golf Skills Assessment can can sometimes be hard to accept.  Be ready to accept the findings as true and be willing to listen to the suggestions the Golf Professional offers to provide improvement.

Be sure you arrive to your Golf Golf Skills Assessment in plenty of time to properly warm up.  Stay focused and attentive during the assessment. Listen to and follow any instructions provided carefully.  And do you best during the Assessment.

After the Assessment, again keep an open mind to accept the findings of an objective and non-bias Golf Skills Assessment.  Sometimes, these finding can be hard to accept, especially if you believe your skills are different than what was objectively measured.  Be ready to accept the findings as true and be willing to listen to the suggestions the Golf Professional offers to provide improvement.

Lastly, take the findings and use the information in a positive way to improve your skills.  If you don’t, the time you spent testing and challenging your skills will go to waste.

Can I Improve My Golf Game without taking Golf Skills Assessment?

Sure.  But will you know exactly and objectively what skills you need to improve?