Meet Our Golf Academy Staff

John Hughes Golf boasts one of the best collection of golf academy staff instructors in all of Florida Golf.  Our combined experience of over 200+ years of golf instruction provides just one thing for you as a client of John Hughes Golf, RESULTS!

Customization is Our Key to Your Success

We certify each golf instructor on staff to conduct John Hughes Golf Instruction programs.  As each golf instructor participated within their certification program, we educated about the importance of customization.  Every golfer thinks differently.  And swing differently.  In addition, every golfer has a different reason “why” they play golf.  Most importantly, every golfer’s commitment level is different.  Therefore, this is why customization is a critical factor.  Customization of your individual golf skill improvement program is our goal.

Customization by our Golf Academy Staff = Results

When you’re seeking to improve your golf skills, what are you truly wanting to accomplish?  Results!

Whether you’re wanting to score better.  Or, win more tournaments. Or, you want to close more deals on the course.  Maybe you want to beat your golfing buddies every weekend.  Each reason why you play deserves its own unique improvement plan.  Your golf instruction should produce customized results for you.

Our Golf Academy Staff will teach you how to practice better. Hit better golf shots. And make more birdies.  We’ll show you the proper mechanics of the golf swing, related to you and the way you play golf.  Above all else, we’ll make golf simple for you.  Simple to understand and simple to execute.  We treat every client of John Hughes Golf as a VIP golfer.  A golfer who’s very intelligent performances are recognized every time you step to the first tee.

Why Choose Our Golf Academy Staff?

John Hughes, PGA Master Professional of Instruction hand picks who represents his brand.  No matter the golf instruction program they conduct, each goes through a specifically designed program that emphasizes the entire experience each client must have.  Furthermore, continuing education of the basic fundamental skills is a must for all academy instructors.  And each Golf Academy Instructor receives John’s personal review before being allowed to wear the logo of his brand.  In conclusion, not too many other golf academies can bolster the experience level and the continued training of John Hughes Golf.

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