Fun Doing the Impossible

Fun Doing the Impossible

I was recently visiting one of Orlando’s theme parks with one of my clients and his partner.  There was a sign posted on one of the walls blocking our view of a construction area that caught our eyes:

“It’s Kinda Fun to Do the Impossible”

Walt Disney’s quote struck a nerve in each of us.  At that particular moment, we began to quiz each other, “Are we having fun doing the impossible?”  As we each explored internally what we thought was the impossible, we kept coming back to the word “fun” and how it applied to us as individuals as well as why as a group we saw this quote together.

What became obvious was we were having fun.  How can you not at one of Walt’s creations?  But each of us had a personal journey of impossible at the time we struggled with as an individual.

For my client’s partner, an impending overseas business trip was on her mind.  It would take her away for an extended period of time to a country where females are not necessarily looked upon as experts in any field.  A previous trip to the same place showed her that if she was there on her own, nothing would get accomplished because of her gender, making any business progress virtually impossible.

For my client, struggling through some physical and strategic items as a golfer was most apparent to us all as being the impossible for him.  Making golf fun when your livelihood depends upon each shot can definitely not be fun at times.

And for me, the impossible is more about having people of all ages and abilities understand that golf is not impossible to enjoy.  For years I have been living by the credo that I do have fun or I change what I do.  It is not impossible to deliver the message, as much as having an individual understand that fun should go hand in hand with golf, or any other game.

Fast forward a few weeks and I am happy to report:

  • My client’s partner is having a great time and getting a lot accomplished overseas.  She overcame her fears, realizing a she should measure her success for this trip by placing a value on how much fun doing the impossible she creates in a land where she can make a positive impression.

  • My client overcame some fears as well and began to realize that having fun playing golf for a living does open up more opportunities of success on the course. Being able to release the self-imposed pressure and experience each shot he executes has allowed him to see more checks at the end of tournaments.  He now knows fun doing the impossible, or at least what he thought may have been impossible, leads to his success on the course.

And for me,  fun doing the impossible is an everyday occurrence.  I daily beat the drum of fun, incorporating fun into everything I do as a person and as a Coach.  Fun is the arch enemy of fear and it is your fear as a golfer that is probably the one thing keeping you from reaching your golfing potential.  Fear shows itself in many different forms such as excuses not to play or practice, counting your strokes when you are playing well which makes you crash and burn at the end of a round, or just not trying your best as you play.  Why not go out this weekend and do what ever it takes to have some fun playing or practicing golf?  You do not have to play a certain amount of holes or practice a certain length of time; just have fun!

To paraphrase Walt, it is kinda fun doing the impossible.  Allow me the opportunity to embellish Walt’s quote by stating it is kinda fun doing the impossible, when you know that fun is possible, no matter what you are doing.

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