Drive Chip and Putt

Drive Chip and Putt

All I can say is WOW!  Drive Chip and Putt has to be one of the best WOW moments in golf in a very long time!

I have been riveted all morning long, sometimes in happy tears, watching young men and women golfers from all over the country display their maturity, their enthusiasm, and their skills.  The participants showed they can handle the big time pressure of August National Golf Club and the television coverage by Golf Channel.  And watching the parents handle their nerves has been equally as riveting.

My hat is off to Chairman Payne, the Members of Augusta National Golf Club, and the Masters Tournament Foundation for creating an iconic competition that will undoubtedly grow the game in so many ways.  A big thank you to Ted Bishop and the rest of the PGA of America Leadership, as well as Thomas O’Toole and the Leadership of the USGA for thinking outside the box and creating a collaborative partnership with Augusta National Golf Club.  A huge thumbprint of opportunity has been witnessed by all golf fans today because of all your efforts!

Thank you to the Golf Channel and their wisdom to cover this event  as if it were a major.  It is a major to all of the young golfers of the world!

And thanks to the Professional Golfers who happen to be at Augusta National Golf Club today, for stopping by to say hello to the young men and women who will be the stewards of our game in years to come!  What an experience meeting it must be at such impressionable ages to meet Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth, Fred Couples, Bubba Watson, Mark O’Meara, Fuzzy Zoeller, and all the others.  To be 12 again and have that opportunity!

If you missed the telecast it airs again on Golf Channel, in its entirety, Monday April 7 at 10AM.  Very much worth setting the DVR for this one.

Drive Chip and Putt registration is now open and now is time to make the 2014/15 Drive Chip and Putt Competition even bigger and better than the inaugural.  If you are reading this email and you are between the ages of 7 and 15, force our Mom or Dad to register you now at Drive Chip and Putt.

Mom and Dad, what are you waiting for?  Register your child today!  I can tell you first hand, having volunteered at the local and regional competitions last year and being a Father of an 11 year old son who plays golf, that the excitement, the joy, and the comradery you will share with other parents is one of the most unique opportunities you will ever experience.

Drive Chip and Putt

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