December Update

What better time of year to share the events of the past 30-days and what is happening through the end of the year than the December Update?

Wrapping-Up November


November is the month we give thanks for the blessings we are fortunate to experience.  2014 has been a difficult year for me and my family, having to start from scratch after spending the past 10+ years insuring the well-being of others.  However, I will recognize 2014 as a year of significant growth, opportunity, and experiences for me and the John Hughes Golf Brand.  And I have many individuals to thank who supported my efforts during 2014.

To each of you reading this update, THANK YOU!  Without your support, my efforts are completely in vain.

To my providers, partners, and facilities, THANK YOU! for allowing me the opportunity to represent you. 

To my clients, who put their trust in me to achieve your best, THANK YOU!  I will never let you down. 

To my closest of friends, THANK YOU!  Your wisdom and confidence is contagious. 

Most importantly to my family, THANK YOU!  Your love and belief inspires me daily achieve the best for us all.


Through FlightScope, I have added the BodiTrak Pressure Mat to the arsenal of resources you can use to improve.  BodiTrak allows us to find your center of gravity as you set-up as well as during your swing, which is crucial to dynamic balance as you swing the golf club.  Be sure to ask for BodiTrak during your next Coaching Session.

December Update Best Orlando Golf Lessons Best Orlando Golf Schools

BodiTrak allows you to find your center of balance before, during, and after you swing, providing vital information for us to determine how you can become more athletic as you swing. We can use BodiTrak use anywhere on the course.

North Florida PGA

November saw the return of “Joint Chapter Meetings” between the East Central Chapter and other Chapters within the North Florida PGA Section.  Joint Chapter Meetings is an initiative created 2-years ago by Chapter Presidents that NFPGA Members embraced with enthusiastic acceptance.  The NFPGA is the 4th largest PGA Section in the Country by land mass as well as population, and it is not very often we can all get together to renew friendships, share best practices, and spend some time on the golf course.

December Update Beginner Golf Lessons Best Orlando Golf Lessons Best orlando Golf Schools

Gathering for a Leadership Group Photo at the East Central Chapter/Northern Chapter Joint Chapter Meeting are L-R: Greg Lecker, President of the NC; Jim Lohbauer, Vice President of the NC; Mike Lynch, Vice President of the NFPGA; Russ Libby, PGA Secretarial Candidate, Yours Truly, Brendon Elliott, President of the ECC; Brett Donnally, Secretary of the ECC; and Jason Kupier, Vice President of the ECC.

I was fortunate to attend the East Central Chapter and Northern Chapter Meeting at the World Golf Hall of Fame November 10.   I want to thank East Central Chapter President Brendon Elliott and Northern Chapter President Greg Lecker for continuing the practice of bringing PGA Members together.  I also want to thank West Central Chapter President Rick Sopka for scheduling a Joint Chapter Meeting with the ECC November 24, which I was unable to attend.

98th PGA Annual Meeting

This was my first time to attend the PGA Annual Meeting as an elected officer of the North Florida PGA Section and it was an exciting time for Judy and I.  Indianapolis greeted us immediately off the plane with 16 degree temperatures and gusty winds, reminding us how fortunate we are to live in Central Florida.  The 5-days in Indy was fun and eye opening into the diversity and scope of the overall operation of the PGA of America.  Delegates elected a new Secretary, Suzy Whaley, who will provide our Association excellent leadership the next 8 years.  And we also attended the 2014 Special Awards Dinner.  Having earned one of those honors last year, it was everything I could do to hold back the emotions of the evening.  Congratulations to all 2014 PGA Special Award Recipients!

December Update Best Orlando Golf Lessons Best Orlando Golf Schools Beginner Golf Lessons

Just some of the images taken while at the 98th Annual Meeting of the PGA of America, including Arnold Palmer, Donald Trump, Lynn Swann, and good friend Dottie Pepper.

Video Tips

November saw the beginning of what will become a new era for John Hughes Golf when it comes to providing you video tips.  I will be incorporating the use of drone video to capture unique perspectives of the golf swing, drills, exercises, as well as ball flight. During November, we shot several test videos to understand how best to this technology for your benefit.  You should see those videos released by the first of the year, just in time for the 2015 Golf Season.

December Update Best Orlando Golf Lessons Best Orlando Golf Schools

The use of Drone Video will greatly enhance your viewing experience with future video tips, articles, and features.

December Update – Holiday Gift Ideas

What would a December Update be without some Holiday Gift Ideas for you to purchase of share with friends.

Scotland 2015

July 2015 is not far away, and December of 2014 is a perfect time to purchase a one-of-a-kind golf experience to Scotland.  Come with me and Joe Hallett, coach to the best female player in the world, Stacy Lewis, to the Kyntre Coast of Scotland to learn, play, and share a memorable experience.

Golf Vacation Orlando Golf School Beginner Golf Lessons Ugadale Hotel Best Orlando Golf Lessons

The Ugadale Hotel will be our home away from home when we visit Scotland in July!

Through the holidays, I am extending 10% off this excursion.  Regularly $4995 per person, make a purchase before December 31 and the price is $4495.

Act fast – There are only 12 spaces available

Click Here to purchase the Ultimate Holiday Gift for the Special Golfer in your life!

Holiday Junior Golf Camp

I scheduled a Holiday Junior Golf Camp, January 2-4, 2015 at Walt Disney World’s Magnolia and Palm Golf Courses.  Joining me will be the Director of Instruction for Disney Golf, Mike Schleger, and a great friend and one of my former Golf School Instructors, Ed Campbell.  Limited to 12 young golfers, age 12 or older, this camp will provide instruction both on and off the course including use of FlightScope and BodiTrak, V1 Pro Video Analysis, Short Game, Full Swing, trouble shots, and On-Course Instruction.  We are also including college preparation skills such as player resumes, recruiting best practices, as well as sharing our collective experiences of leading young high school golfers to realize their goal of playing college and/or competitive golf.

December Update Holiday Junior Golf Camp Best Orlando Golf Schools

Your Junior Golfer can experience world-class instruction while visiting Walt Disney World’s Golf Courses January 2-4, 2014!

The 3-Day Camp, including 3-nights of accommodations is $1995.

Click Here to register your young golfer for this terrific opportunity

Custom Coaching Sessions

Sometimes a single 1-hour golf lesson is simply not enough.  This is why I created Custom Coaching Sessions.

Purchased in 5-hour blocks, Custom Coaching Sessions are a great way to improve your game at your pace, utilizing all the resources I have available.  Use as little or as much time as you want, when you want.  Or you can give a little of your time to a family member, business partner, or friend as a thank you gift.

December Update Best Orlando Golf Schools Best Orlando Golf Lessons Beginner Golf Lessons Orlando Beginner Golf Lessons

Custom Coaching Programs allow you and I to craft an Improvement Program unique to your individual needs!

Click Here to purchase a Custom Coaching Session

Gift Certificates

For the golfer who has everything, a Gift Certificate for Golf Instruction is a perfect gift.  Chances are, your golfer who has everything has purchased every new club, swing aid, or other piece of equipment possible to improve their game, not realizing it is not the equipment, it is the user of that equipment that is preventing them from reaching their potential.  Giving the gift of Golf Instruction is a wonderful way to say I love you and I want you to play your very best.

December Update Best Orlando Golf Lessons Best Orlando Golf Schools Beginner Golf Lessons

A Gift Certificate for Custom Coaching, a Golf School, or a Club Fitting is a very special gift you can give the golfer in your life.

Click Here to purchase a Gift Certificate


December Update – Calendar

Here is what is happening in December you need to know about:

Several Exciting Announcements

I spent much of my November preparing for the 2015 Golf Season.  During December, the fruits of that labor should produce at least 2 if not more significant announcements.  I was hoping to make at least one of these announcements within this update, but all good things come with time.  Check here and your Inbox often during December for these exciting announcements.


I am available most of the month of December to schedule Coaching Sessions with you.  Be sure to check out my “Schedule a Lesson” page within the website to obtain the most up-to-date availability and to schedule your Orlando Golf Lesson with me.

WordCamp Orlando

One of the bright spots of 2014 for me was the urgency of building a website that is interactive with you, provides news and information, provides a platform for you to schedule and pay for a Coaching Session, as well as allowing me to easily edit content when needed.  With limited funding and only me as my chief cook and bottle washer, I have been learning WordPress all of 2014.

WordPress is a content management platform.  Using WordPress is relatively easy for the average person.  According to some reports as much as 30% of all websites on the world wide web are WordPress sites.  I built my entire website using WordPress, with the occasional assistance of two local WordPress experts I met in January at a local WordPress meeting.

WordCamp is a 2-Day showcase of the best and brightest experts in the WordPress Community, sharing their knowledge and expertise.  This will be my first WordCamp experience and I hope I will learn home many fresh and new ideas that I can implement throughout 2015 into this website and others I want to develop.  I’ll be sending photos through my Instagram and Twitter feed December 5-6 that I hope will shed some light for you into this medium.

35th NFPGA Annual Meeting

December 8 is the 35th Annual Meeting of the North Florida PGA Section, being held at our Section Headquarters, Reunion Resort.  Our Keynote Speaker is Kerry Haigh, Chief Championships Officer of the PGA of America.  Kerry is responsible for all Championships conducted by the PGA of America, including the PGA Championship.  If you are in Orlando that day and have interest in hearing Kerry or attending the NFPGA Annual Meeting, let me know and I will obtain an entry badge for you.

On Tour

For those looking for some assistance, guidance, and coaching, I will be visiting a couple different local Florida Mini-Tours in December:

The Florida Professional Golf Tour – December 11-12 and December 19-20.

The Florida Moonlight Tour December 15

Also, I will be a walking chaperone for the PNC Father Son Challenge, December 13-14 in Orlando.  This is a fun event where PGA and Champions Tour Professionals and their families share time together just before the holidays, playing a unique event.  Should you want to attend this event and need tickets, please let me know.

PGA Show

January 20-23, 2015 is the Annual PGA Merchandise Show and Demo Day.  Many of you have asked about this event in the past and how you can attend.  If you have interest in attending, please contact me now, so I can assist you with obtaining credentials.


Final Thought

December Update Best Orlando Golf Lessons Best Orlando Golf Schools Beginner Golf Lessons

No matter what your beliefs, your background, your up-bringing, your past, or your future, the holiday season is a time to reflect and renew.  It is the time of year I historically evaluate the journey I have chosen and make decisions about where my journey will take me.  As you do the same this month, I wish you:

The Wisdom to know what is best for you and the people that surround you

The Strength to divert the distractions that may take you off your journey’s path

The Patience to endure the tribulations you may experience in the future

Joyous Times with close friends and family, who undoubtedly will assist you with your journey’s plan

Wishing you much Fun, Love, and Happiness for 2015


Happy Holidays!

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