June 2017 – Catching Up after a Busy Spring


Catching Up After a Busy Spring

And Welcome to my New Website!

Thank you, and thank you to the many others who kept me busy this winter/spring season!  You kept me so busy, I again was not able to keep up with blogging within a consistent timeline.  But the positive consequence to me not blogging each month is more clients and golfers are having fun playing better golf.

During the past few months, I was also fortunate to visit a few clients at their home facilities.  Its always fun to get out and see new places and make new friends.  Included in my travels this spring was a Guest Instructor Clinic and Club Fitting Seminar at Gaston Country Club in Gastonia, North Carolina.  Thanks to my great friend, Thomas Troncoso and his wife Maureen for being fantastic hosts and providing the opportunity to assist more golfers to have more fun.

I promise to be more engaged with you throughout the coming months and be more consistent doing so.  It’s my goal over these next few months to compile plenty of tips, articles, and other information that you’ll find valuable. And going forward, its also my goal to not allow my blog to become inactive for more than 30-days..

This summer, I’ll be busy with a few new program offerings, producing more video tips, working on new projects, and attempting to finish a manuscript.  I’ll also make some adjustments to a project I’ve worked on for almost 12-months, my new website you are visiting now!.  If you have any content suggestions you’d like to see, within my new website, a blog post, an article or video tip, please contact me and share your idea, so I can include it in future communication with you.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new website!  I look forward to assisting you with your golf game soon.  If I am, that means I’ll be catching up after a busy spring, again.

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