Club Fitting – As Important to Your Game As Any Golf Lesson

Club Fitting can and will eliminate a major variable that can prevent you from playing your best.

Playing with golf clubs that are not fit for you is the equivalent of wearing an expensive suit or dress, without it being altered to fit the uniqueness of your body. If you plan to look good, alterations to your clothes is a must. having your golf clubs fit to you is a necessity if you plan to play your best.

Every golfer is unique in their own ways. Your unique swing characteristics directly affect how you swing the club and how that club responds during the swing. If you are playing with clubs that are not fit for you, chances are you are making compensations in your set-up or swing. Sometimes that works, but most times it does not, which is why you really need to consider having your golf clubs fit as part of your overall Golf Improvement Plan.

I am a certified by 7 different club manufacturers, and have conducted fitting sessions for over 20 years.  I continually re-educate myself of the latest technology, design characteristics, and advancement of materials that can have a positive effect on your golf game. My clients and I have learned from our experiences that a fitting session is a golf lesson all to itself. It takes 60-90 minutes, using FlightScope 3D Radar Technology to properly fit clubs to your swing ultimately producing a set of clubs that will allow you to perform at your best.

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