Club Fitting

As Important to Your Game As Any Golf Lesson

Club Fitting can and will eliminate the biggest variable preventing you from playing your best.

Playing with golf clubs that are not fit for you is the equivalent of wearing an expensive suit or dress without alterations.  If you plan to look good, alterations to your clothes is a must.  Playing with fitted golf clubs is a necessity if you plan to play your best.

What is Club Fitting?

Getting properly fit for golf clubs is a process of elimination.  It is you hitting golf balls using various golf club shaft and golf club heads combinations.  All the while, using state of the art technology to dial in the proper make up of shaft and club.

Why is this important?  Every golfers swing is unique. Your unique swing characteristics directly affects the efficiency of your golf clubs.  And how a club shaft and head combination responds to your swing. If you’re playing with clubs that are not fit for you, chances are you are making compensations in your set-up, swing, or both. Sometimes that works, but most times it doesn’t.  Which is why you really need to consider getting fit for your next set of golf clubs. It’s an important part of your overall Golf Improvement Plan.

Why Choose John Hughes Golf to Fit You for Golf Clubs?

John and his staff have a combined 45+ years of professional fitting experience.  We’re certified by 7 different club manufacturers.  And we have a certified Callaway Golf Technical Representative on staff.  We use state of the art technologies to accurately measure each club set up you swing.  And we continually re-educate ourselves of the latest golf club and club shaft design characteristics and advancement of materials.


You owning and swing a golf club that is best fitted for you is eliminating a performance variable of your game.  And the experience being fit is similar to a golf lesson.  It focuses solely upon your equipment.  Ultimately, the process produces a set of equipment that allows you every opportunity to perform your best.

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