August Update

August Update

It has been almost a month since my last post so I thought I would use this opportunity to give everyone an August Update.  This August Update is really about what I have done the past month and a look forward to what is to come for August into the fall.

This post will have the flavor of a newsletter, which has made me realize it is probably time to send a monthly newsletter to everyone.  But I need your name and email address to do so.  Please use the Contact Page of my website to provide me your name and email address.  Doing so will put you on my email list as well as enter you into the monthly drawing for a 90-minute coaching session with me.


August Update

One of my clients, Tommy Davidson, recently went through four days of qualifying and earned a spot on the Winter Park High School Golf Team for the upcoming fall semester.  Tommy made a commitment to play golf on a competitive level a little more than a year ago and in a very short time he has come a long way to reach this point as a competitive golfer.  Tommy and I have been working together since March.  During this time Tommy has worked very hard on his skill development which has allowed him to realize significant overall improvement to his game.  With continued skill development and dedicated practice, I predict that as a Freshman, Tommy will make a positive impact to the team this season.  I am looking forward to being a small part of Tommy’s development as a person and as a golfer as well as witnessing him be a part of one of the area’s best High School Teams.  CONGRATULATIONS, TOMMY!

Working Hard

August Update


In a general sense, the old adage of you get out of it what you put into it never more clear and poignant, especially at the highest levels of competition.  Another of my clients, Andrew Kirk, is making hard work payoff.

I have known Andrew since he was 12 and have worked on and off with him since 2000.  As a junior golfer, Andrew showed he could compete and win at the highest levels.  After taking some time off from the game, Andrew has now committed full-time to making competitive golf his career.  Andrew and I reconvened our sessions this past April, when Andrew played a West Florida Golf Tour event in the Tampa area.  After three days of competition as well as three days of evaluation, we put a plan together for Andrew to reach his goals for this year, which are to play more consistently in order to finance his future goals.  During the month of July, Andrew was back in town to expand his overall improvement plan, which included a fitness evaluation and workout routine, as well as pin pointing Andrew’s competitive deficiencies so we both can focus more time on making him a better all-around golfer.

A big Thank You to Jacob Glassmeyer, who has put together a fantastic fitness and nutrition program for Andrew.  And another Thank You to my friends at FlightScope.  With the assistance of their X2 and Xi+ units, Andrew worked through multiple skill combines the week he was here this July to determine what skills he needs to improve as well as how much time he should be spending on the various facets of the game.  Based upon that information, you’ll see a future series of posts from me about how you can work harder but more importantly, more efficiently, to reach your potential as a golfer.

Keep your eyes and ears open to hearing more about Andrew in the future.  He’ll be playing a couple different Mini-Tours in Georgia where he lives, as well as making regular visits to Florida this coming Fall and Winter to play two or three different tours here.  And be sure to follow him through his Facebook Page.


Time to Rest

August Update

Great to be with my Sister and Brothers!

After spending 6 days with Andrew, it was off to North Carolina for my annual family pilgrimage.  This year’s trip for me was shorter than usual but well enjoyed, as it always is.  Visiting with my siblings, parents, and my nieces and nephew always recharges my batteries.  And the peace a quite of the surroundings there provide a sanctuary of sorts that allows me to reflect, rejuvenate, and begin plans for the upcoming months.  This year was no different.

It was great to see my nephew decide he wanted to play golf.  He plays at the highest level of Junior Hockey in the US and is an all-star in that sport.  His natural abilities as an athlete allowed him to have some success with golf in a fun atmosphere.  I think he’ll want to play again soon, which is always a good thing.

And it was great to see my brother play for the first time in over 6 years.  I hope golf provides him some well needed time to rejuvenate as well as rediscover his athletic abilities.

But best of all, it is always a treat for me to see my son, Jack, have a great time with his grandparents.  Whether it is playing golf, on the boat, playing putt putt, going to a ball game, Jack always looks forward to being with his grandparents and is always looking forward to next year’s visit as we leave Mom and Dad’s driveway.  We both can’t wait to get back to see them next year.


Time to Plan

The planning part of my July trip was very eventful and will soon bring some exciting announcements to this website as well as possibly some others.  By the end of August, there will be a few fantastic opportunities announced that will you will certainly want to consider.  To give some hints, be on the lookout for a couple of instructional trips to a few great destinations as well as a couple announcements about how your instructional opportunities will expand.


MobiCoach Meet-Up

August Update

As you may already know, I use MobiCoach and their video platform to teach people across the country via internet.  This is a powerful platform, allowing anyone to get great instruction from a great Instructor, no matter where you or the Instructor may be.

During the later part of July, I was fortunate to meet one of my MobiCoach Students, Eric Yoo, who was visiting the Orlando area.  Eric and I have been working together since March using MobiCoach as our main means of communication and instruction.  Eric has improved his handicap 8 strokes since that time and is looking to become more competitive as time goes on.

There will be a day in the not too distant future when a Major Tournament Winner, male or female, will stand up and thank their coach, who they have never met, for the great coaching they received through a platform such as MobiCoach.  This only goes to show how small the world actually is and how powerful this type deliver of instruction will become.

I am looking forward to conducting more sessions with Eric and reaching more people, like you, to teach through MobiCoach.  Go to and schedule a lesson with me


Speaking Engagement at Golf Academy of America

August Update

I thoroughly enjoy getting out to the Golf Academy of America 6-8 times each year to be a guest lecturer.  Late in July, I was able to do just that, this time with my son Jack in tow.  Jack had never seen the facility or heard me speak before, so it was a great day for me and him.  And from all indications, this semester’s Sophomore Class walked away with some nuggets they can use to further their careers.  Thank you to Brendon Elliott, Alan Flashner, and Brad Turner for continuing to allow me these opportunities to share my passion and experiences that could assist their students to better understand the golf industry, so they too can be successful when they enter the very competitive and shrinking job market.

Tech and Subscription Notices

I do not profess to be the best tech wizard on the planet but do know my way around most of today’s tech/social media world.  When I was setting this site up in December, I also set up a lot of other things, such as multiple Google+ Accounts as well as not one but three YouTube Channels. I am in the process of sorting this out and in doing so, have cut some video content out of this blog as well as made some people confused as to who or what they are following.  Through the end of this month, I’ll be sorting out these details but I wanted to make sure everyone has the correct addresses to follow me through these platforms.

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Monthly Drawing Winner

July’s winner of a 90-Minute Coaching Session is Ron Martindale of Dundee Florida.  Congratulations Ron!

Thanks for reading my August Update.  Remember, register for a 90-minute free coaching session with me by Clicking Here

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