Advice for Golf Newbies

by | Mar 19, 2022 | Golf Schools

So you’ve finally decided to expand your horizons and embrace the world of golf. That’s great news! At John Hughes Golf, we offer one of the best learning programs out there. So next time you search for golf schools in Orlando, Florida, think of us first. In fact, golf schools in Orlando, Florida are among the best in the whole country.

Why Golf Tips Are Important

We all want our golf games to get to the point where we know exactly what we are doing.  And we can possibly beat our friends. But everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t be that person who impulsively starts playing with no instruction and just assumes that natural talent will do. While it’s possible that you could do okay without any instruction, it’s a very bad idea to do it.

And that isn’t just because you’re likely to miss the ball over and o犀利士
ver and make yourself look silly. It’s more due to the fact that as soon as you start putting time into a new skill. Your brain immediately starts forming habits and muscle memory based on what you interpret to be working for you. So as a beginner, you might figure out a certain setup that allows you some ability to hit the ball. But it might not be the optimal position, making it hard to adjust as well as repeat.

The Swing

This is the name of the game! Your swing is everything. While most golfers have a unique take on their own swing, there are lots of tips to improve your swing and maximize the contact that you make. But which ones apply to you requires the expertise of an experienced golf coach, like John Hughes Golf.

Don’t fall into some of the more popular, but mythical tips like these:

  • Never take your eyes off of the ball.
  • Keep your head down.
  • Keep your left arm fully stretched the entire swing..
  • Shorten your backswing.

All these tips and others make you stiff.  And it’s hard to have fun and swing freely if you’re stiff.

As a beginner, it’s difficult to determine tips that are best for your game.  But one thing’s for certain.  Learning and swinging at a moderate pace will always provide you the best opportunity for success. Add distance will come later as you gain experience.

The Grip

As you visualize a proper golf swing, you’ll see an image of a golfer’s body working hard to create a force that is able to make a golf ball fly hundreds of yards. When this happens, only one part of your body has direct control of the club, your hands. The way you hold your hands on the club is known as your grip. A few general ideas that can make your beginner golf grip better are:

  • Grip Pressure – Your ability to hold the golf club securely without being too firm. A starting place for grip pressure is measuring grip pressure on a scale of 1-10. 1 is ultra light and 10 being ultra firm, holding the club with a grip pressure of 5 is ideal.
  • Attempt to maintain your grip pressure throughout the swing. It’s tough to do, but worth it.
  • Shake hands with the golf club grip with your front hand. For right handed golfers, that’s your left hand.  Shake hands using the 2nd knuckle of your fingers, not your palm.
  • After grasping the club with your top hand, do the same with your bottom hand. And let the top thumb slip naturally into the life line crease of your bottom hand as you secure the club in your fingers.

If you follow these tips, you will definitely start seeing some improvement. But if you’re still struggling to make solid impact with the ball, continue to adjust your grip. Summon adjustments are holding the lub near the end of the grip for more control of the club.  As well as interlocking or overlapping your bottom hand “pinky” finger with the top hand.

Play a Par 3 Course

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a beginner is to start by playing an easy course, such as Par 3 courses. This is because Par 3 courses are made up of 18 short holes, and typically range from 100 to 210 yards in length. At these distances, you won’t have to use a driver and can still be on the green in one shot. Since the course is smaller, it’s quicker to play and more fun for a beginner. It’s also more affordable to play and you also won’t need a golf cart. Par 3 courses are usually less crowded and often are less strict about etiquette rules.

Final Thoughts

Golf is a deceptively simple sport. There is a lot that goes on to play optimally. Golf beginners can absolutely benefit from following the tips in this post. For more education, golf schools in Orlando are the way to go. If you’re interested in some beginner golf classes in the Orlando area, you can get started here.

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