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Game-Changer. Figuratively and Literally.

Integrated. Wireless. Limitless.  The V1 Pro App neatly places your Branded Academy and teaching facility in the confines of your iOS or Android device. Set-up students, capture, view, compare, analyze, download, record and send Branded Academy lessons anywhere and anytime you want! Even receive and download V1 Golf app videos from students inside the V1 Pro app to deliver remote online lessons. Virtually everything you do in your V1 Pro software, you can now do in the V1 Pro App!

The V1 Pro App is currently only available to Branded Academy customers for $10/month per V1 Instructor. Click here to learn more about the V1 Pro App or contact a V1 Account Representative for more information.

For athletes & consumers, click V1 Golf App or RVP App to learn more about these V1 Mobile Apps.


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