Video Golf Lesson


You live far away from Orlando and you’d like for John Hughes Golf to assist you with improving your golf skills?  Then purchase a remote Video Golf Lesson!

Experience a remote Video Golf Lesson from award-winning golf coach, John Hughes, PGA Master Professional of Instruction.  From anywhere in the world you can receive world-class golf coaching.  And it’s a fantastic way to find a sustainable way to improve your golf skills.


A remote Video Golf Lesson is a fun, convenient, and affordable alternative to visiting John Hughes Golf.

What is  a Video Golf Lesson

Utilizing the V1 Golf App and your mobile device, your remote Video Golf Lesson will identify the exact cause of why you’re not playing to your potential.  Each video lesson includes drills, exercises, and other information you can use at home or at the golf practice area to gain immediate and sustainable improvement.  Your Video Lesson is always available to you to reference when needed.  In addition, you’ll have access to John to ask follow up questions.

You’ll actively participate in the process of producing your lesson.  When you purchase a single Video Golf Lesson, you’ll receive:

  • A confirmation email of your purchase with directions about the entire process: 
    • Using the V1 Golf App, or the FlightScope Mevo App and submitting your swing video(s) to John
    • Completing a quick questionnaire that will supply John with information about your game and what you’d like the video golf lesson to focus upon
    • Setting up your mobile device to maximize the videos you send John
    • What to expect from your experience
  • Within 48-hours of John receiving your swing video(s), John will produce and send your remote Video Lesson.  Included are tips, drills, and exercises to cure the exact cause of your flaws
  • A follow-up email 48-hours after receiving your video lesson that provides you an opportunity to ask John questions about your remote Lesson

You’ll absolutely enjoy the experience of receiving world-class golf coaching from an award-winning golf coach from the comfort of your home.  At less than half the cost of visiting John in person!  It’s a great value that you can use whenever the wheels fall off of your golf game.  What do you have to lose?  Just more golf balls and more time being frustrated.


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