Looking for an Orlando Beginner Golf Clinic?

Play Golf Now Beginner Golf Clinics focus on the items any Beginner Golfer needs to immediately feel confident while inspiring you to play golf more often. Not your ordinary Orlando Beginner Golf Clinic, Play Golf Now Beginner Golf Clinics teach you the basic skills required to succeed as a Beginner Golfer:

– Putting – Basic Stroke Fundamentals – You’ll learn to control the distance and direction of each putt, as well as read a green

– Chipping – The “Go-To” Shot – You’ll learn to hit from from around the green and from areas of the course where you may not have another choice

– Full Swing Fundamentals – You’ll learn to hit Irons, Hybrid Clubs, Fairway Woods, from off the ground. And you’ll learn to hit your Driver off a tee. Each shot traveling in the air and on target

– On-Course Instruction – Learn to Play – You’ll partner with a professional for 4-holes of On-Course Instruction as well as participate in a friendly competitive event.

Start Your Golf Journey Now at an Orlando Beginner Golf Clinic!

Why learn to play golf the hard way, when Play Golf Now can make it easier and more enjoyable to play great golf, right now. No other Orlando Beginner Golf Clinic can provide that experience for you with a world class golf instructor.

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