2-Day Golf School at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club

Spend 2-Days with John Hughes Golf at Falcon’s Fire Golf Club!  Each day you’ll learn to play better with your current skills, while learning new skills you can immediately take to the course.  A typical day includes:

• Mornings at the Practice Facility for approximately 2.5-3 hours focusing on technical and skill development and improvement. We’ll use state of the art technology and provide you customized drills and exercises you use to reach your potential. You’ll receive video analysis as well as 3D Ball Flight/Club data through online portals. And you’ll learn to practice efficiently to maximize your time.
• Lunch daily with John
• 9-Holes of On-Course Instruction, allowing you to play smarter with your current skills. And we’ll also employ your new skills under real time conditions
• You can complete your round each day after On-Course Instruction.

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