Indoor Golf Drills

You can continue your efforts to improve your golf skills by performing indoor golf drills on a daily basis.

Featured below is a simple drill you can perform within any indoor space you occupy or in a small outdoor space you may occupy.  The key to performing any drill is performing the drill correctly.  Be sure as you perform the indoor golf drill featured within the video as detailed as you can.  Doing so can result as long-lasting results!

This week’s featured indoor golf drill is about stabilizing your feet and ankles.  All great athletes have one thing in common, great foot work while performing their craft.  And great foot works tarts with stability of your feet and ankles.  Stabilizing these 2 body parts is very easy to accomplish and can be done for 30 or more seconds a couple times each day.  Try the “One-Leg Balance Drill” and watch how you can improve your footwork and the weight transfer of your golf swing.

Learn how you can continue your golf improvement while being required to “shelter” at home. Watch the Indoor Golf Drills Video to its conclusion to find out about a tremendous opportunity to continue your improvement.

I hope you enjoyed the indoor golf drill video!

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